Automotive Technology Solutions from Panasonic

Making cars and highways safer and smarter

For many, cars are more than transportation. They represent freedom, and provide us a highly personal space. That connection guides our work with partners to enhance people’s lives mile after mile.

Anticipating shifting consumer trends and needs

After nearly 100 years of developing technology for consumers, we know car buyers want the wow factor. But we also know the wow fades fast if the technology doesn’t work. That’s why we design features that consumers intuitively understand, where the tech disappears behind the experience it supports. The result? More satisfied and loyal customers.

The vehicles of tomorrow, today

With our breadth of innovation, we’re continually finding new ways to improve safety, energy efficiency and the driver experience. Manufacturers count on us for cutting-edge infotainment systems that provide next-generation utility and content for drivers and their passengers. But that’s just the start. From the clean air inside cars to the clean energy that powers them, our technology is everywhere.

GM, Ford, FCA, Toyota and many others customize their passenger experience with Panasonic innovations.

Improving safety, inside and out

By enabling vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, our smart mobility solutions are making travel safer. The ability to share real-time data is a game-changer, helping drivers avoid accidents and delays, while making self-driving cars a reality.

Should drivers come across a hazardous situation, our head up display technology enables them to react more quickly, by displaying information on the windshield. Our intelligent systems can tell different objects apart, identify moving or partially obscured objects, and recognize pedestrians, even in poor visibility.

Coming up with solutions that will provide OEMs a competitive advantage in the future is the crux of what we do.
Scott Kirchner, President, Panasonic Automotive Systems Company of America

Forward-thinking infotainment

As consumers come to expect more and more in-car connectivity and infotainment functionality, major OEMs are turning to Panasonic for strategic hardware and software solutions. For example, Ford teamed with us to create a faster, more intuitive solution for more than 20 vehicle programs globally. Everything drivers want is right at their fingertips. Or, better still, accessible by voice. Including mobile app control, hands-free calling, text message support, climate control and much more.

67% of our automotive employees in development engineering focus on software

A passion for audio

When your customers listen to music in the car, do they feel like they’re in the studio with their favorite musician, or taking in the raw emotion of a live performance? We’re delivering those types of listening experiences through specially tuned amps and speakers. These proprietary systems are built with our industry partners to help capture the essence of their automotive brand.

By integrating today’s cutting-edge technologies and pioneering tomorrow’s new ideas, we’re making the road a better place for everyone.

Powering tomorrow’s electric vehicles

Powering tomorrow’s electric vehicles

Our technology is the driving force behind the most environmentally friendly vehicles on the road today. And we’re extending our eco leadership by partnering with Tesla to mass-produce battery cells for its Model 3 sedan at the Gigafactory. This venture will double the world’s lithium-ion battery capacity for cars.