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Production model of a Panasonic digital cluster

Asian Production Model Shown © Panasonic Automotive Systems 2022

Driving the analog-to-digital transition

Panasonic works with OEMs to create custom digital instrument clusters that are reliable, easy to read, and visually attractive.

Panasonic is a tier 1 manufacturer of vivid, intuitive digital clusters that visually communicate key vehicle data at a glance, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead. With a 20-year track record in the field and a team of more than 200 engineers in design studios across the globe, we continue to forge ahead with innovative production methods that drive efficiencies while shortening the production cycle for our OEM partners. Our state-of-the-art, proprietary toolchain drives efficiencies throughout the design phase in the development of the optical, electrical, software and mechanical systems that comprise the final, assembled clusters. The result is a digital cluster that’s dynamic, reflecting current vehicle or driving conditions and easily scalable with additional functionality available via software upgrades.

Mazda digital cluster hardware component
Digital cluster showing current speed of 0km per hour, odometer, outside temperature and rendering of car exterior
Digital cluster showing current speed of 50km per hour, odometer, outside temperature and rendering of car exterior

On a mechanical level, we continue to make clusters that are thinner and lighter, yet still meet stringent requirements governing thermal emissions. We’re especially adept at packaging our clusters in a variety of configurations in response to our customers’ ever-evolving design parameters. This includes extra-wide, curved and increasingly thin clusters and also a unique corner-cut digital display adopted by our OEM customer and scheduled for 2023 installation.

Working with Panasonic means there’s no learning curve built into production timelines. We draw upon our vast experience in HMI and 3D graphics to implement personalized cluster configurations that incorporate the unique business ideas and brand voice of our customers. We’re intimately familiar with regulations governing the size, shape and color of common icons and ensure ASIL B safety compliance during the design phase.