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ClearConnect Restaurant Solutions


What is ClearConnect?

A holistic solution that integrates all of your technology into one unified solution to optimize your operation. From kiosks, point of sale solutions, drive-thru and back office to 24/7 service and support.

An entire set of technologies and solutions

The Panasonic Connect ClearConnect™ ecosystem offers scalable solutions that can be customized to fit operational needs, from small to medium-sized operations to multi-location deployment. Additional highlights of the platform include:

  • Turnkey kiosk solutions with facial recognition
  • POS systems, including traditional and mobile options, paired with iQtouch software
  • World-class suite of drive-thru technology, including Attune Restaurant Communication System, indoor and outdoor menu board displays and the innovative iQtimer optimization system
  • Clearview software that helps maximize profits by providing real time analytics to help reduce food and labor costs while reinforcing best practices across an enterprise

An Ecosystem of Food + Retail solutions


Kiosk Solutions

Deliver a better customer experience by decreasing order time and increasing customer throughput through our kiosk solutions.


Point-of-Sale Solutions

Always be ready to take and fulfill customer orders, speeding up transaction time and throughput while creating a seamless customer experience with our variety of POS solutions 


Digital Menu Boards

Easy to read, indoor/outdoor displays provide a visually engaging customer experience. Able to automatically serve up daypart menus, these displays work off a common application platform so every solution in your restaurant is automatically in sync with one another.


Drive Thru Solutions

A turnkey solution that will make sure your drive-thru is running on all cylinders -  a complete solution to help reduce errors while improving efficiency.


Back Office Solutions

Maximize efficiency by utilizing real-time data analytics across the entire restaurant for insights that will help increase profitability.


ClearConnect™ Service + Support

We know technology uptime translates into revenue. We've got you covered with our outstanding level of service and support. From 24/7 to other scalable plans, we understand your operation's specific needs and are ready to support them.

Discover more about Panasonic ClearConnect

Find out how Panasonic's complete ClearConnect Eco-System includes the full-array of solutions to make your restaurant successful.
Advanced restaurant management, point-of-sale and wireless communication systems for the retail, food service & hospitality industries.