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Restaurant and Hospitality Tech Solutions


One Partner. One Seamless Customer Experience.

Discover Panasonic Connect's latest family of technology solutions designed especially for restaurants, retail, and hospitality environments. Our products are designed to work together to optimize your operation. Elevate your customers’ experience with point-of-sale systems, self-ordering kiosks, drive-thru solutions, digital signage, and back-office management software – all supported by a team of support experts available 24/7/365.

Panasonic Connect has a long history of creating durable and stylish hardware. Today, that experience is reflected in our latest innovations that are designed to help businesses increase efficiency, lower costs, and enhance the customer’s experience.

Explore how Panasonic Connect can optimize your operation and improve every step of your customers’ journey.

A Suite of Restaurant + Hospitality Solutions


Stingray® Point-of-Sale Terminals

Always be ready to take and fulfill customer orders with powerful, durable workstations available in a wide variety of configurations.


Stingray® Kiosk Solutions

Create your own unique customer experience with our state-of-the-art self-serve kiosks available in multiple screen sizes and flexible mounting options.


Drive-Thru Solutions

Increase order accuracy and improve speed of service with our family of drive-thru solutions that includes advanced Digital Menu Boards, the noise-cancelling Attune® HD Communications System, the Line-Busting TOUGHBOOK® Tablet, and Stingray® Point-of-Sale Terminals.


Indoor & Outdoor Menu Boards

Keep your customers engaged with our easy-to-read, indoor and outdoor displays that will present your menus and special offers in real time.


CLEARVIEW Restaurant Management Software

Maximize efficiencies across your entire restaurant by utilizing our suite of back-office software solutions that offer real-time data and insightful analytics.


Installation, Service, & Maintenance

Support your technology investment with Panasonic Connect’s Professional Services Group – a team of experts that understands your operation's unique needs and is here for you 24/7/365.

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