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Consumer lifestyle

Live life to its fullest

From microwaves to hair dryers to video cameras, our products can make daily life remarkably better.

Elevating your experience with every product we create

At Panasonic, our goal is to help you get more enjoyment from the things you love. Photography. Music. Cooking. Fashion. Cinema. Our products let you indulge your passions, share them with others and accomplish things you simply couldn’t before.

We start with an understanding that technology isn’t about specs. It’s about making a difference in how you live. That’s why we create products that integrate seamlessly into your life and save you time. And why we continually seek to redefine what’s possible.

Products & Solutions

lumix pic
As the first in mirrorless cameras, we’re continuing to push the envelope of creative possibilities with our popular Micro Four Thirds G Series and newer full-frame S Series.
woman using panasonic hairdryer
From moisturizing hair dryers to ultra-sharp shavers to oral care, our wide range of beauty, grooming and health products make it easy to look and feel your best.
inverter microwave
Using our appliances and microwaves with patented inverter technology, it’s never been easier to optimize the texture, color and nutrients in cooking.
homehawk wireless camera
Feel more secure with the HomeHawk home monitoring system, which offers wide-angle viewing in color, even at night. No monitoring fees or cloud services required.
blu-ray player
Our Blu-ray players deliver beyond-dazzling color and detail thanks to our Hollywood Cinema Experience processor, along with voice control and 4K VOD streaming.
As the pioneer of direct drive turntables and de facto standard for DJs worldwide, Technics continues to build on its storied musical legacy by delivering rich audio experiences.

Why Panasonic

Healthy Home Trend - Better safe than sick

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Our highly reliable products that let you do more with less effort

Technology is a means to an end, whether you’re trying to capture the stunning details of a landscape or the complex flavors in a special dish. With our products, every is designed to be more intuitive, convenient and flexible than the last, so you can accomplish what you want. For more than 100 years, we’ve been making quality products that continually deliver great experiences, contributing to a better life and a better world. See the difference our highly advanced technologies, human-centric design and proven reliability can make.

nanoe technology

Advanced technologies lead to more innovation

How do we elevate consumer experiences? By continually bringing a fresh perspective to existing product categories. In hi-fi audio, we created a new standard with Technics direct-drive technology, turning the turntable into a musical instrument for DJs. In photography, we upended the market by eliminating the mirror that made cameras too bulky and obtrusive. And in microwaves, we introduced inverter technology to go beyond reheating to poaching, steaming, braising and even grilling the perfect steak.

Today, our advanced technologies continue to change industries. For example, our hair dryers, which feature our revolutionary nanoe™ technology moisturize as they dry using electrostatic atomized water particles. And our next-generation LUMIX S Series brings the benefits of mirrorless cameras to the full-frame photo and cinema market.

Human-centric design

Human-centric design in harmony with you

We’ve always believed technology should feel like a seamless extension of you, with every part in precisely the right place – a perfect union of form and function that lets you stay focused on bringing your passions to life.

The next frontier? Technology that senses, anticipates and responds to human needs. With our emerging HomeX lifestyle platform, we’re poised to bring IoT and artificial intelligence to every product in the home, from appliances to electronics. HomeX will learn from billions of interactions and proactively customize your home environment to each family member’s preference.

reliable japanese products

Reliable Japanese craftsmanship

A passion for craftsmanship is part of our heritage. We embrace it in everything we do. You’ll hear it in the exacting attention to detail that’s set our Technics turntables apart for decades. You’ll feel it in the assured touch of our Panasonic shavers, which leverage the special techniques of fine Japanese swordsmiths to create blades of unimaginable sharpness. And you’ll taste it in the meals prepared with our innovative kitchen appliances, inspired by one of the world’s healthiest cuisines and designed to optimize the nutritional benefits of home cooking.

Panasonic LUMIX S1H Cinema Camera best low light camera with cinematic full frame sensor

LUMIX: Changing the world of photography

With our LUMIX cameras, we’re dedicated to achieving the highest possible image quality, resulting in compositions that faithfully reflect the photographer’s intent and stir our deepest emotions. To enable every photographer and videographer to realize their vision, we’re creating cameras that break new ground in ergonomics, focus and other important areas. Our G Series, popular with enthusiasts, semi-professionals and professionals whose primary medium is video, provides low-light and 6K/4K video capabilities for the wide-aspect Hollywood look.

Our S Series cameras allow users to push the boundaries of photography and video with hybrid full frame mirrorless pro-level specs and a seamless interface. LUMIX cameras excel in capturing high-resolution images in different genres like wildlife, fashion, and sports – in fact, LUMIX is the official digital camera of the Olympics and Team USA.”

Case studies

Cold War Kids performing a concert
See how the LUMIX BGH1 box camera was used during the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in a 6-camera live concert presentation featuring the band Cold War Kids.
Third Law LUMIX case study
See how the BGH1 is being used in a camera array to save money, time and complexity for cinema production.
cannes film festival
In a jungle of almost 400 photographers angling for shots at the film festival, French photojournalist Anrigo turns to LUMIX for its ergonomics, low-light abilities and focus.
above the arctic circle
Shooting in temperatures as low as –24 degrees Celsius, professional photographer Jonas Borg was amazed at how his LUMIX cameras stood up to the cold and delivered.