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Building a better in-car experience

Our innovative eCockpit and zonal technology solutions are empowering OEMs to create a safer, healthier and more efficient driving experiences.

At Panasonic, we're always looking at ways to advance the in-cabin experience for drivers. From intuitive in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems to cutting-edge head-up displays (HUD) to air purification technology, we're helping OEMs meet their goals and make their visions a reality.

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In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI)

As a market leader in in-vehicle infotainment technologies, Panasonic's IVI systems are among the most innovative on the market today. Discover how we're helping OEMs with customized IVI solutions.

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Head-Up Displays

Head-up display (HUD) systems present data to drivers while keeping their attention on the road. Quickly becoming the main display in vehicles, Panasonic Automotive offers in-house-designed, cost-effective HUD technologies for specific OEM needs.

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Digital Clusters

Panasonic's vivid, intuitive digital clusters communicate key vehicle data at a glance, allowing drivers to focus on the road ahead. See what makes us different.

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Cabin Purity

Leveraging decades of expertise in the indoor air quality (IAQ) space, we're developing both integrated and portable clean-air systems for vehicles. Find out how our patented nanoe™ X technology is improving air quality in the cabin.

Virtual Development Services

Panasonic can help OEMs cut costs and accelerate the product develop cycle with virtual reality technology services that give engineers and product designers the unprecedented freedom to explore new avenues without the time and expense spent building physical prototypes. Our team of UX designers, industrial designers and engineers are virtually recreating driving experiences, putting our customers in the driver’s seat to experience Panasonic AR HUD in a safe and controlled environment. Refinements to optics or HMI can be made on the fly prior to physical prototyping. Vehicle interior designers can virtually experience holistic and inspirational Panasonic premium audio aesthetics and quickly make revisions before committing resources toward a physical mockup. 

No matter the application – HUD, Cameras, Cockpit Domain Controller, Connectivity, Voice Agents, Premium Audio – our VR services create realistic customer driving experiences that empower our clients with the ability explore a larger set of UX situational scenarios virtually and without onerous capital expenditures.

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A virtual driving environment illustrating Panasonic HUD technology in a snowy environment
A virtual driving environment showcasing Panasonic HUD technology at night