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Unparalleled In-car sound management

Our Active Noise Cancellation technology is empowering OEMs to provide a serene cabin experience for drivers.

Panasonic is the market leader in engineered noise management solutions for the auto industry. Leveraging best-in-class technology, our Active Noise Cancellation solutions attenuate vehicle noise across the widest possible audio frequency spectrum or conversely simulate and amplify it in a way that strengthens brand connections.

Prolonged exposure to excessive noise can carry health risks for occupants while contributing to driver and passenger fatigue. Panasonic has led the way in ANC technology, empowering our automaker partners to provide a serene cabin experience for their customers. With an unmatched breadth of software and hardware offerings, we’re able to target and “turn off” noise from a variety of sources and frequencies – from Noise/Vibration/Harshness (NVH) at the low end of the spectrum to higher frequencies up to 400Hz originating from tire resonance, HVAC and wind noise. We proactively identify and isolate a particular buzz or rattle at the vehicle design phase and then tune a proprietary algorithm to identify its specific frequencies. Noise is captured via a combination of beamforming technology and a web of strategically-placed microphones which listens to objectionable noise to determine its location, inverts it via an algorithm-based processor and plays it back through the car’s speaker system with an inverted phase, effectively cancelling it.

But sound doesn’t always equal noise. A vehicle’s signature engine harmonics can evoke an emotional response that connects drivers to brands – the visceral growl of a Ford Mustang V-8, for example.  Panasonic helps manufacturers maintain that connection despite the trend toward smaller, quieter engines dictated by increasingly strict emission laws. Our proprietary Engine Sound Enhancement technology monitors and processes RPM order frequencies, throttle input and other metrics and outputs synthesized sound which is subtly piped into the cabin via the speaker system. This not only provides drivers with enhanced feedback related to vehicle performance but also rewards brand loyalists with a big-engine, sensory experience.

plug-in electric vehicle

EV Noise Management Solutions

Electric vehicles present unique sound-management challenges posed by the lack of Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) noise. Our EV noise management systems work to block out unwanted road noise while providing drivers and pedestrians with audible feedback in response to specific inputs. Discover how we're employing our noise management technologies for electric vehicle applications.