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Letting drivers breathe easy

Panasonic's patented nanoe™ X technology is improving air quality in the cabin with integrated and portable clean-air systems for vehicles.

Ongoing global health challenges have made consumers keenly aware of the important role healthy indoor air plays in relationship to overall health and well-being. Drawing upon decades of experience as a global ventilation and healthy indoor air solutions provider, Panasonic has developed a revolutionary HVAC clean-air system for automobiles utilizing its patented nanoe™ X technology, which generates hydroxyl radical molecules and disperses them throughout the cabin and helps purify contaminated air by inhibiting bacteria, viruses, allergens while suppressing odors. nanoe™ X also benefits pet owners who enjoy adventures with animal companions by helping neutralize mites, dander and other allergens while eliminating pet-associated odors that can permeate car interiors. The system is currently available on select Lexus, Subaru and Suzuki models with deployment planned for Jaguar Land Rover’s Range Rover brand.

We’ve also developed a line of portable nanoe™ X air purifiers, small enough to carry from one car to another. Powered by a USB connection and able to fit in most cupholders, the generators function much in the same way as our installed systems, releasing highly-reactive hydroxyl (OH) radicals in the cabin interior than inhibit airborne pathogens including particulate matter (PM2.5) that ordinarily filtration systems can’t always capture.

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X air purification system has undergone rigorous testing resulting in certification in the following: conform to UL standard, ETL, FIFRA and CARB compliant.