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Panasonic Boosts Alkaline Battery Power

New Platinum Power AA and AAA Batteries Last 33% Longer¹, are Designed for High-Drain Consumer Devices

Panasonic Energy Corporation of America today announced the introduction of its latest AA and AAA Platinum Power alkaline batteries which last 33% longer than Panasonic’s regular alkaline cells1.  


The new Platinum Power AA and AAA batteries are now powered by Evolta technology, and are the most powerful Panasonic alkaline cells offered in North America.  They feature Advanced Formula, Triple Tough Coating, Anti-Leak Protection, and protect power for up to 10 years2

They are designed to meet the growing demands of high-drain devices with greater power consumption such as radio controlled toys, game controllers, headlamps, flashlights, and other household devices. 

Panasonic Platinum Power batteries come packaged in standard four and eight pack sizes and a wide variety of multi-packs with up to 48 cells.  The four-pack AA size has a MSRP of $3.99 and is available from retail and online stores nationwide.  

“Panasonic’s new Platinum Power Alkaline AA and AAA batteries deliver outstanding power performance, lasting 33% longer than our conventional alkaline cells1.  They are optimized for use in high-drain devices that consume more power,” said Yoji Takagi, Sales and Marketing Director, Panasonic Energy Corporation of America, Consumer Products Division.  “They have Triple Tough Coating which provides better connectivity in devices and advanced Anti-Leak Protection which reduces the possibility of leakage.” 

Main Features 

1.  Advanced Formula - 33% Longer Lasting1
The combination of high-purity manganese dioxide, a unique Titanium additive, and an ultra-high density cathode filling technology provides up to 33% longer lasting power than our standard AA and AAA alkaline batteries.  

2. Triple Tough Coating Improves Battery Connection
Panasonic Platinum Power AA and AAA batteries utilize a customized iron / nickel alloy layer on the negative terminal.  This additional alloy layer creates a triple tough coating which prevents iron oxidation, reduces contact resistance, and improves the battery’s ability to stay connected for smooth energy flow. 

3. Anti-Leak Protection
Platinum Power Alkaline AA and AAA batteries utilize new zinc alloy, electrolytes, and organic inhibitors which reduces gas build up generated within the cell.  Panasonic has also developed a unique gasket material which has increased resistance to degradation.  This material and the specialized sealing method, when combined with the new zinc alloy, electrolytes and organic inhibitors, reduces the possibility of electrolyte leakage.

4. Protects Power for up to 10 Years2
Platinum Power Alkaline AA and AAA battery cells protect power for up to ten years, when unused and stored properly.

1 33% more power as compared to Panasonic regular alkaline batteries. AA size. Versus our Alkaline Plus Power® in IEC Digital Camera test. AAA size. Versus our Alkaline Plus Power® in IEC Toy test.
2 When unused and stored properly.

About Panasonic Energy Corporation of America
Panasonic Energy Corporation of America is a leading provider of OEM and consumer battery solutions in the United States.  The company, located in Columbus, GA, is a division of Energy Device Business Division located in Osaka Japan, and a subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation of North America, located in Newark, New Jersey.  The company markets and sells a wide variety of batteries including eneloop Ni-MH rechargeable, Platinum Power, Alkaline Plus Power, Super Heavy Duty Power, and Lithium batteries.  

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