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Kitchen of the Future

Sonic Chef high-speed oven in a bakery

The kitchen of the future is here

In today's rapidly evolving commercial food landscape, agility is key. Panasonic’s line of versatile, powerful and compact appliances can adapt to any space and adjust to any menu, enabling you to meet today's demands - and prepare for tomorrow's.


Restaurants and other food service providers are facing significant challenges. Labor shortages, supply chain issues and rising overhead costs are compelling food service operators to rethink their offerings and adjust their business models.

With these challenges in mind, Panasonic has developed the Sonic Solution, a suite of versatile, powerful and compact commercial appliances designed to save time, labor and space – all while delivering the delicious, high quality meals that your customers demand.

A bustling coffee shop

A compact design to fit any space

Traditional commercial food equipment is costly and requires substantial kitchen real estate. Our ventless ovens and waterless steamers eliminate the need for range hoods and water lines, transforming even the smallest area into a high-volume cooking space. Compact and stackable, they are perfect for everything from traditional restaurants and cafes to ghost kitchens and virtual food halls.

Sonic Chef oven with food

Unmatched versatility for greater flexibility

With the Sonic Solution, you'll be able to cook a wide range of products without having to invest in a costly kitchen build-out. From thin, crispy pizza crusts to perfectly steamed vegetables to moist and decadent cakes, our versatile appliances can handle any menu combination you can dream of.

A server carries food to a table

Leading-edge technology for better food quality

Nobody wants food that’s hot on the outside and frozen in the center. With traditional microwaves, cooking food at half power really just means that you're cooking at full power half the time, resulting in unevenly heated food. That's why we developed the Sonic Chef oven with inverter microwave technology, which allows for continuous power output throughout the duration of cooking. The result? Rapid, even heating for perfectly cooked food every time.

The Sonic Solution: Our Products

Panasonic Sonic Chef Multi-oven
Our versatile, easy-to-use oven is designed for any commercial kitchen that needs fast, efficient cooking. Compact, stackable and ventless, the Sonic Chef is is ideal for kitchens where space is at a premium. By combining three cooking technologies - high-speed convection, twin "inverter" microwave and broil technology - the Sonic Chef delivers delicious, high-quality meals that are perfectly cooked and evenly heated every time. And the custom programming feature makes the oven simple to operate, regardless of skill level.
Commercial Equipment hero
Powerful yet compact, the Sonic Steamer is a versatile appliance can be used to cook a wide variety of foods, from vegetables to soups to rice and even cakes! Our "waterless" design utilizes microwave technology to heat food quickly and efficiently - without the need for a hood, water line or reservoir. And with eight programmable memory pads, cooking delicious meals is as easy as the push of a button.

Video Gallery: See the Sonic Solution in Action

Our compact, high-speed commercial appliances can be used to cook anything from pizza to pulled pork to cake. Watch our videos below to see just how easy it is for chefs of any skill level to make delicious, high quality meals in no time.

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