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Why Indoor Air Quality Matters

  • Indoor air quality is the #1 concern of homeowners when it comes to a healthy home.1
  • Poor indoor air quality is ranked as the 4th biggest environmental threat in the US.2
  • Today’s tightly built homes trap all sorts of toxins inside, creating an urgent need for better ventilation.2
  • People spend about 90% of their time indoors, where harmful pollutants can be 2 to 5 times higher.2
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Proper Ventilation = Better IAQ

  • Increased ventilation rates can reduce virus (like influenza/SARS) & bacteria counts in the air.
  • Numerous studies show that air exchange solutions have been shown to decrease infection rates of airborne diseases.
  • Mid-range humidity has been correlated to decreased viral lifespan.  Alternatively, extremely dry environments promote virus survivability. 

World Health Organization

Better Indoor Air Quality for Healthy Living

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For healthier indoor air quality, choose the right ventilation strategy.
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Creating better, healthier environments where families can live, play and sleep in.
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Healthy homes require products that are occupant-friendly and eco-friendly.
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Healthy Homes eBook

For the next generation of health-conscious consumers, wellness starts at home, as increasingly more people look to get their living spaces in shape. Read about how Panasonic is addressing the demands of the today’s homeowner, with innovative ventilation products that promote a healthy home life. 

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12 Ways to Improve Your Home's Health

Check out our quick reference guide for easy ways to ensure optimal health and comfort inside your home.

Featured Solutions

Our indoor air quality solutions assure families that they're living in a healthy, clean environment, and assure you that you're building healthy homes that meet the latest codes and standards.

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