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WhisperComfort® 60 Energy Recovery Ventilator New


Product details

WhisperComfort® 60 UL Listed ceiling or wall mount Energy Recovery Ventilator provides a tempered fresh air supply and balanced exhaust air flow to maintain neutral pressure throughout the home.

Key features

  • Product is HVI certified for energy recovery and sound
  • Static pressure access ports make it easy for raters to verify airflow for ASHRAE 62.2 compliance
  • Suitable for new/remodel, single-family/multi-family, energy efficient projects
  • Multi-speed selector (20 to 50 CFM) provides customizable airflow
  • Occupant controllable Boost function moves fan speed to 60 CFM when activated
  • High efficiency capillary core recovers heat and helps maintain desired moisture levels inside

WhisperComfort® 60 Energy Recovery Ventilator