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Mission Linen Supply is a leading provider of products and services to hospitality, medical and industrial businesses, operating 35 facilities and 500 sales routes across five states. The delivery and transport of the company’s goods and services created a need for route management and tracking to keep operations organized—a process that was previously paper-based but had been recently digitized. On any given day, Mission Linen Supply’s route drivers are tasked with transporting and carrying heavy loads of materials in and out of buildings, using mobile devices that are often bumped, dropped and roughly handled as workers make their way to and from customers. When Mission Linen Supply’s previous devices were phased out and its 3G code-division multiple access (CDMA) network was no longer supported, the company was in search of a new technology provider to support its widespread workforce.


Through its work with DecisionPoint, a valued Panasonic partner, Mission Linen Supply chose the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet for its 4G LTE network capabilities, Android operating system and ability to support integral self-written applications. From its compact size that allows it to fit in a cargo pocket to its exemplary route accounting capabilities, 5-foot drop rating and Verizon 4G LTE network reliability, the TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet was the perfect fit for Mission Linen Supply’s needs. Panasonic also stood out during the decision-making process for its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and support.


By outfitting delivery drivers with a rugged tablet, Mission Linen Supply has streamlined operations, increased communication, reduced overhead and improved overall efficiency in the field. To date, 556 TOUGHBOOK L1 tablets have been deployed to route drivers, enabling Mission Linen Supply to streamline its technology in the field. Previously, the company provided both tablets and cell phones to drivers, but with the TOUGHBOOK L1, only one device is needed per driver.

Mission Linen Supply is a leading provider of work uniforms, linen rentals, direct sale products and facility services and supplies, primarily serving the restaurant and medical industries. Since its founding in 1930, the company has grown its operations to 35 facilities across five states including California, Arizona, Texas, Oregon and New Mexico.

The successful transport and delivery of products and services is a key component of the company’s customer-focused philosophy. Route accounting and management was once a paper-based process for Mission Linen Supply but has evolved into a digital process with the onboarding of mobile devices. Today, mobile devices are used by route drivers for daily route mapping, pickup and delivery functions, on-the-go data input and last mile delivery optimization. 

On a given day, Mission Linen Supply’s route drivers carry heavy loads of uniforms, lab coats, tablecloths and other crucial materials in and out of trucks and buildings. Through this work and the transit necessitated by these deliveries, devices may get bumped, dropped and handled roughly as workers make their way from Point A to Point B. 

When its previous devices were phased out of production and the 3G CDMA network was no longer supported, Mission Linen Supply needed a new partner whose technologies could support their widespread, on-the-move workforce. Any devices Mission Linen Supply used also needed to support the many applications run by route drivers every day, including its applications for direct sales, route accounting and enough battery power to last a full shift on the road. 

Mission Linen Supply worked with valued Panasonic reseller DecisionPoint to find a device that would best fit its needs, and a partner who offered an ecosystem of reliable solutions. With this, the Panasonic TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet was chosen for its robust rugged capabilities, ability to connect securely and reliably to the Verizon 4G LTE network, and its capacity to support Mission Linen Supply’s applications via the Android OS. The comprehensive care provided by Panasonic’s productivity+ solution, ProServices warranty care and overall support was another selling point for Mission Linen Supply. With these teams behind them, Mission Linen Supply was confident that the enterprises systems their route drivers rely on every day would be seamlessly integrated onto the TOUGHBOOK L1 tablets. With a 7-inch screen, the device is small enough to fit into a cargo pocket, and its 5-foot drop rating ensures it works no matter the conditions it’s exposed to on the road. Long battery life, glove touch and rain sensing screens help keep Mission Linen Supply’s mobile workforce productive throughout the day.


Prior to making the switch to Panasonic, Mission Linen Supply’s route drivers used multiple devices to achieve the same purpose: a mobile phone and a tablet connected to the 3G network. With the implementation of TOUGHBOOK L1 devices, the team no longer needs to deploy multiple devices to each worker. Instead, route drivers can rely on a TOUGHBOOK L1 tablet for all of their  needs, even downloading modern Android applications to communicate company-wide while in the field. 

To date, Mission Linen Supply has deployed 556 TOUGHBOOK L1 devices in the field and incorporated a number of software solutions on the tablets including SOTI MobiControl Enterprise Mobility Management services from DecisionPoint.

Panasonic’s TOUGHBOOK L1 tablets offer improved productivity for our workers in the field, but Panasonic’s reputation for providing superior customer support was the true differentiator in our decision-making process.
Karin Bullard Systems Quality and Assurance Analyst, Mission Linen Supply

“Knowing we’d have Panasonic ProServices support for repairs or assistance was important, and on the few occasions that we’ve needed a device repaired, the support teams have proven exemplary. With over 500 devices out in the field every day for over a year now, that says a lot,” continued Karin Bullard, Systems Quality and Assurance Analyst, Mission Linen Supply. 

Even on the road, the TOUGHBOOK L1 tablets are strong  enough to meet user demands and offer reliable connectivity. With this shift, Mission Linen Supply has been able to optimize workflows, cut costs and upgrade route management across  the entire organization.