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Personal Care

Personal Care


Check out the full Personal Care lineup at Shop Panasonic

Image of the men's shaver and battery in a black background.
personal care
View Details. Men's Shaver
Pink-and-purple women's electric shaver
women shaver
View Details. Women's Shaver
Panasonic Men's trimmer on a black background
mens trimmer
View Details. Men's Trimmer
Picture of the Panasonic women's trimmer on a white background.
womens trimmer
View Details. Women's Trimmer
image of a Panasonic men's groomer, laying diagonally on a black background.
Take a look at Panasonic's full lineup of Men's personal grooming products.
View Details. Men's Grooming
Panasonic Women's personal groomer on a white background.
personal care
View Details. Women's Grooming
Panasonic hair dryer on a white background.
Panasonic provides a robust lineup of hair care tools including hair dryers for both home and travel and straightening irons.
View Details. Hair
Panasonic epilator on a black background
View Details. Epilator
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