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Live life when the power goes out

You probably know what a smart investment solar power is for your home. Solar panels generate clean energy, which is good for the planet and good for your finances. But what happens to the excess power you generate that you can’t use right away? When you include battery storage with your panels, you have a total home energy solution that creates and stores clean energy, making your home more resilient and independent.

Of course, you can use EverVolt storage without solar panels to provide hours of backup power during outages, but the combination of panels and storage is the smart, powerful investment.

Why Battery Storage

Panasonic lithium-ion battery technology, which powers the world’s most advanced electric cars, can also power your home by creating your own private energy store. With this battery storage working alongside your solar panels, you’ll be more prepared and independent, protecting your family from power failures and avoiding high electricity costs during peak rate and increased energy use periods.

EverVolt batteries are designed to last and are protected by a 10-year warranty.

Taking advantage of both panels and battery storage is the best way to make the most of your investment in solar.

Battery Storage Benefits

Live life when the power goes out. Panasonic’s EverVolt™ battery storage system keeps you prepared when the unexpected happens. EverVolt stores the surplus power your solar panels generate during the day for use when you need it most. You’ll benefit from:  

  • Backup energy in emergencies
  • Lower overall energy costs 
  • Control over your energy usage
  • More independence from the grid

Especially when paired with Panasonic solar panels, EverVolt doesn’t just deliver clean power, it delivers peace of mind.