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AJ-CVF25G HD Color Viewfinder

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AJ-CVF25GJ $3,900 MSRP

Product details

The AJ-CVF25GJ color viewfinder is newly developed 8.76 cm (3.45 inches) color LCD with approximately 2,760,000-dot resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio, which enables to adjust focus easily. In addition to a normal viewfinder type of usage, the AJ-CVF25GJ serves as an LCD monitor to shoot when opening its eyepiece. The AJ-CVF25GJ can also be opened sideway and used as side panel LCD monitor. The AJ-CVF25GJ is almost the same weight and size of the conventional HD viewfinder and supports Panasonic broadcasting and professional camera recorders and studio handy cameras

Key features

  • Higher resolution (approx. 2,760,000-dot) and blighter with newly developed LCD
  • LCD direct viewing with double hinges, and image can be automatically / manually enlarge when flipping up its eyepiece or PIC. SIZE switch is FULL.
  • Robust body and same layout of dial and switches as conventional EVF
  • Back tally lamp (ON/OFF by lever)
  • Supports studio camera use: adding Yellow and Amber Tally in the display panel
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Introducing the AJ-CVF25 Professional Viewfinder for Panasonic ENG & Studio Cameras

Developed as a successor to the AG-CVF15G, the new AJ-CVF25GJ electronic viewfinder is designed to mount on a Panasonic shoulder-mounted ENG camera recorder*1 or studio camera*2.

The AJ-CVF25GJ is equipped with a newly developed 3.45-type LCD panel (approximately 2,760,000 dots) that offers higher contrast and brightness than the previous model and boasts three times higher pixel density, thus realizing more precise and easier focusing.

The AJ-CVF25GJ can be opened (flip-up type) at either of two positions, the lens barrel or the front side of the LCD panel, just like the previous model, so that the operator can view the LCD screen directly from either the back or side of the camera according to shooting situations. Furthermore, the image can be displayed in a reduced size (83%) automatically or manually when the eyepiece is opened.

The image adjustment dial and other controls are laid out in the same pattern as on a conventional viewfinder for ENG camcorders. The back tally (with slide cover switch) is provided at the location where only the operator can see. Furthermore, the AJ-CVF25GJ is provided newly with a yellow tally that can be used in live recording with a studio camera, thus ensuring a comfortable video recording experience.

Key Features of the CVF25 Viewfinder

1. Equipped with a newly developed 3.45-type color HD LCD panel with improved image quality and higher brightness

  • The newly developed 3.45-type LCD panel displays high-quality images in HD (720 p) resolution.
  • The LCD panel offers higher contrast and brightness than the previous model (AG-CVF15G).


2. Opens at either the lens barrel section or LCD panel upper section to enable direct viewing of the LCD screen from the back or side of the camera.

  • The AJ-CVF25GJ can be opened (flip-up type) at either one of two positions so that the LCD panel can be viewed directly from the back or side of the camera.
  • The image can be displayed in a reduced size (83%) automatically or manually when the eyepiece is flipped up.


3. Conventional switch layout has been maintained to ensure full compatibility with broadcast station application as well as studio cameras.

  • The layout of operation switches and control dials is the same as that on a conventional viewfinder for ENG camcorders.
  • Equipped with a back tally (with slide cover) for the camera operator.
  • The display panel screen (OSD) features a yellow tally for use with a studio camera.


*1: Connectable camera recorders:

Currently available models; AJ-PX380G, AJ-PX800G, AJ-PX5100GJ and AJ-CX4000GJ,

Discontinued models; AJ-PX5000G, AG-HPX600, AJ-HPX610, AJ-HPX2000P, AJ-HPX2100E, AJ-HPX2700G, AJ-HPX3000, AJ-HPX3100G, AJ-HPX3700G

*2: Connectable studio cameras:

AK-HC3500 series, AK-HC3800 series, AK-HC5000 series, AK-UC3000 series
and AK-UC4000 series