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The promise of a more sustainable future

Since our founding, we have aimed to produce technology solutions to make the world a better place for all. The most important thing we can do to ensure this promise is to take direct actions that counteract the effects of climate change on our planet and restore the promise of a fulfilling life for future generations.

Panasonic is committed to producing sustainable technologies that create a healthier planet where we can all thrive. New approaches to battery recycling and cobalt reclamation, creating greener fuel cells, and innovating products that are built to last are some of the ways we’re making an impact.

When I see the activities of the Panasonic Group, I see the need to fulfill a tremendous responsibility. And...I see the potential to do a great deal more.
Yuki Kusumi CEO of Panasonic

Acting with urgency

Panasonic emits 2.2 million tons of CO2 annually as a result of its business operations. The emissions resulting from the worldwide customer use of our product are estimated to be more than 110 million tons. Together, these figures are estimated to amount to 1% of the world’s total electricity consumption.

Our GREEN IMPACT initiative is a promise to do better. With GREEN IMPACT, we’ll reduce the CO2 emissions of our business operations to net-zero by 2030. We will also design and build products that are even more energy efficient going forward.

Through strengthening our efforts in this area – and providing our energy-saving solutions to our customers in the business and government spaces – we will realize the positive change that happens when we harness the power of all of us.

The impact of everyday habits

Taking your car to run nearby errands or using a plastic grocery bag may seem like no big deal in the moment, but actions do add up. Luckily, there are small, simple changes each of us can make to help take better care of our planet. 

Let's unleash the power of us

When we each take sustainable action, combine our efforts and encourage others to get involved, that's when true change begins.

Partnerships that are creating more sustainable travel

At Panasonic, we partner with e-waste recyclers so that we can produce leading electric vehicle (EV) batteries using valuable metals that are extracted from old electronics. Watch the video to discover how these partnerships help put us all on the right path to a brighter future.
How you can power EV with e-waste
Discover how recycling your old tech can help make the production of electric vehicles more sustainable.

Thoughtful technologies that are built to last

Panasonic innovations are engineered with passion and the utmost care so that only high-quality, long-lasting technologies are created. This reduces the need for people to replace the products they rely on every day, resulting in more time for living life to the fullest and less waste in landfills.
Learn how rechargeable batteries can be given a new life and ways you can help.

Passion is #whatmovesus. So, what moves you?

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