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We’re moving communities forward with Michael Phelps

Community is a bond between people who care, support and want better for one another. Each is special in its own way as its character comes from the personalities within it—a beautiful blend of unique ideas, different perspectives and thoughtful actions. Communities provide acceptance, hope and opportunity through individual efforts and collective initiatives. No matter where or the size, community is what connects us as humans, fulfilling our need of belonging and desire to help make others’ lives better. Community is what moves us all forward.

That's why we're working with Michael to bring his IM Program to as many as 100 new Boys and Girls Clubs of America, serving communities all across the country. The program has been highly successful in helping kids learn about mental wellness and how to build their emotional skills.

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Small acts of kindness can create big impact

We donated baby monitors to help nurses better communicate with staff while tending to isolated patients.

Our batteries help power hospitals and remote work.


We’re helping support R&D for COVID-19 vaccines.

A better world starts at the Gigafactory

The Gigafactory is where our dedicated engineers move society forward by developing technologies for cleaner air, greener cars and happier ways of life.

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