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Driving innovation in the warehouse


From scanning and stacking pallets to picking and packing product, organizations rely on Toughbook to keep their warehouses moving at top speed. Smarter warehousing depends on extending technology to every corner of your operation, from the racks to the yard. The Toughbook fleet of rugged laptop, tablet and handheld solutions empower your workforce for optimal efficiency and productivity. Whether used on a forklift, or with barcode readers for inventory tracking, or even dropped several feet off the dock —Toughbook is built to work without fail, no matter how rough things get.


Advanced warehouse workhorses


Toughbook technology is completely transforming the warehouse. Moving workers away from pen and paper to a more automated, digital workflow significantly streamlines warehouse operations, simplifies the labor-intensive jobs of pickers, packers, yard jockeys and managers, provides faster access to data and operations management tools. Companies that transition to advanced Toughbook mobile solutions and next-generation software in the warehouse reap the rewards of reduced costs and heightened productivity.


In this fast-paced world of forklifts, pallet racks, broiling sun and sub-zero temps, the last thing workers need is a fragile tablet. Other machines may cost less to purchase, but the expense of early failures and frequent repairs can turn into a long-term liability. Engineered to withstand drips, drops, dust and grime, rugged Toughbook mobile handhelds let you access and update information on the fly, and keep performing in the most grueling warehouse conditions. Purpose-built features like a wrist-saving ergonomic design, docking accessories and extended battery life ensure the hardest-working crews have the computing tools to work smarter.