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Our New Reality Means a New Standard

Family at Kitchen Table, Dust Allergens, Virus, Bacteria, VOCs, Moisture

Our New Reality Means a New Standard

More time spent indoors makes healthy homes more important than ever.

Good indoor air quality (IAQ) is essential for healthy living. With an effective ventilation strategy that removes pollutants, moisture and germs while bringing in fresh air from outside, building healthier homes is easier than you think.

PROPER VENTILATION — THE FOUNDATION OF A HEALTHY HOME Image - Indoor air quality is the #1 concern of homeowners when it comes to a healthy home. Per the World Health Organization (WHO), increased ventilation rates can reduce virus and bacteria counts in the air, along with the infection rates of airborne diseases. Common indoor toxins such as carbon dioxide, particulate matter and volatile organic compounds have been linked to respiratory and other health problems.

Panasonic is helping builders across the country differentiate themselves with powerful, code compliant indoor air quality solutions that provide a safer environment for home buyers. Working together, we can make healthy indoor living a reality.

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