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GV-PA901 High-Power PoE++ Adapter

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AW-HR140 Outdoor Professional PTZ Camera

hr140 main product image

AW-HR140 $17,950 MSRP

AW-UE150 4K 60p Professional PTZ Camera

AW-UE150 $11,400 MSRP

AW-UE100 4K NDI Professional Streaming PTZ Camera

AW-UE100K and AW-UE100W Black & White Professional PTZ Camera Product Shot

AW-UE100 $8,350 MSRP

  • How do I power the AW-UE150 PRO PTZ camera & what power supply is supported?

    Due to increased PRO PTZ camera installations utilizing existing PoE++ infrastructure, the AW-UE150 unit does not include a standard power supply. If the AW-UE150 will be installed in an area without PoE++, please utilize an IDX IA-70A power supply. If required, the power supply will need to be purchased separately.

    Power Supply Specifications

    XLR 4-PIN: 12 V DC (10.8 V to 13.2 V)

    • The power supply requires 12v 4a compatibility with a 4-pin XLR connector. Models include the IDX IA-70A and others. 

    PoE++: IEEE 802.3bt (Type 4) Standard DC 42 V to 57 V (camera input)