Transportation & Logistics

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Shaping the future of multimodal transportation

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No industry asks more of mobile computing than transportation. Whether you're tracking containers from ship to rail, keeping tabs on drivers across the country, or selling cocktails at 30,000 feet, you need secure, powerful mobile machines that can endure anything and get the job done. Enterprise-grade Toughbook laptops, tablets and handhelds deliver the hardware-based encryption and high performance that the transport and logistics industries require — in a wide range of rugged designs that keep you moving in the right direction.

Unstoppable power in the palm of your hand

With Toughbook, truckers and logistics handlers can carry a high-powered handheld computer in their pocket or dock a 2-in-1 convertible laptop in their vehicle. Whatever form factor needed, there is a Toughbook device purpose-built to survive a fall off a loading dock, take a dunk in the mud, and keep on working through extreme heat, cold and vibration. Whether using a Toughbook laptop, tablet or handled, workers can run full-sized applications from virtually anywhere over 4G or Wi-Fi, shipping companies stay connected with their drivers – no matter where their routes take them, with features to reduce fuel costs and delivery errors, track and report cargo status, and log driver time to ensure employees get the rest they need. Driver safety can be improved with customizable in-vehicle configurations that maintain efficiency and reduce risk.

Toughbook Transportation Solutions Image

Toughbook solutions are helping major rail lines stay efficient and connected with always-on data analysis, logistics tracking and automated dispatch that extends to conductors, engineers and yard and maintenance workers.

Toughbook devices pack enterprise-grade computing power in small, lightweight handhelds that can easily go anywhere flight attendants, ticket agents and baggage handlers need to be. Available with an integrated barcode scanner or mag-stripe reader, Toughbook supports logistical applications, ticket scanning and more, with advanced features like built-in heaters and the ability to work with gloves, so nothing will stop your staff or the flow of information.