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LEAC News & Resources

LEAC News & Resources

Stay up to date on the latest news, insights and trends driving innovation in law enforcement technology.

Law Enforcement Technology News & Trends

Technology is continuously reshaping law enforcement. Learn more about the latest technology-driven trends and innovation that impact officer safety, efficiency and the law enforcement community as a whole.


Role of Virtual Simulation_thumbnailimage

Discover ways that law enforcement officers are using virtual reality technology for training.

Read More. WHITE PAPER: Virtual Simulation in Law Enforcement Training
Data-Driven Policing Technology

See how police departments are using hardware to collect the crime data and traffic statistics to make data-driven policing a reality.

Read More. INFOGRAPHIC: Selecting the Right Device for Data-Driven Policing
White Paper: Fight Crime with Big Data

Find out how law enforcement is using analytics to identify where crime might occur in the future and then assign resources as necessary.

Read More. WHITE PAPER: Fight Crime with Big Data & Analytics
Grants Office Case Study

How do you overcome budget challenges while equipping your first responders with the latest rugged mobile devices that can help save lives?

Read More. CASE STUDY: Grants Office
Law Enforcement Technology in Public Outreach

Learn how mobile computers support transparency for law enforcement and help build police-community relationships..

Read More. WHITE PAPER: Technology in Public Outreach and Transparency

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