Wireless WAN Drivers - Sprint


Mandatory Update for Toughbook C1 4G LTE users

The Display Rotation Tool on the Toughbook CF-C1 must be updated to fully comply with FCC specifications and certifications if a 4G LTE module is installed.

Display_Rotation_Tool.zip [zip, 2.0mb]


Sprint Connection Manager for Sprint EVDO

Sprint Connection Manager for CF-18, CF-19, CF-29, CF-30, CF-52, CF-73, CF-74, CF-T5, CF-W5, CF-Y5, CF-T7, CF-W7 and CF-Y7 supporting Windows XP SP2 or Vista for Sprint EVDO Module (Rev 0 or Rev A)

SCM3.4.4.zip [zip, 17mb]


EM_MC7355 support document for Sprint

This document describes steps for Sprint customers (only) to follow in order to connect to Sprint’s network. The steps described must be followed in order for connectivity to occur on both Sprint’s LTE and EvDo networks.

EM_MC7355(Gobi5000)SetupInstructionsForSprint.pdf [zip, 160k]