Customer Reviews for Panasonic Solar Panels - HIT®


Ed Begley, Jr.
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd. #981
Studio City CA 91604


"When picking a solar company for my new LEED Platinum home in Los Angeles, it quickly became clear....there was really one choice. Panasonic HIT panels. Their panels are of the foremost quality, greatest durability, and highest output of any photovoltaic panel on the market. I put my faith in a company that I've been buying quality products from for over 30 years....Panasonic".




John A. Bloom, Ph.D.
Professor of Physics
Biola University


“Panasonic HIT have been operating since 2007 and I’ve had no problems with them. What I like most about the HIT panels is their high efficiency, as my roof space is limited. Besides their overall higher efficiency, I find that they produce electricity slightly better on cloudy/hazy days than my Kyocera panels do, and they are more productive on high temperature days because of their lower temperature coefficiency. I’ve continued to collect data on both sets of panels, the outputs have continued to track in a similar manner… the HIT panels, once I compensate for afternoon shading from power lines, produce about 15% more power than the Kyocera panels do because of the lower temperature coefficient.”