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Solar Frequently Asked Questions


A: Solar panels are tested to meet certain safety requirements such as impacts of 1" hail, wind loads up to 50PSF, and certain fire standards. Your solar provider will attach and install your system and ensure it meets local requirements.

How do I contact Panasonic solar panel support?

How do I find a Panasonic Authorized solar installer?

What should I look for in a solar provider?

Is there any preparatory work needed inside my house?

How can I maximize the power my solar system produces?

Does shade affect my solar system?

How much space do I need for a solar system?

Should I repair my existing roof before installing a solar system?

How long will installation take?

Do I have to be at the house when it is installed?

Do I need to add anything else such as lightning rods, roof structures, etc.?

What maintenance is required?

Why did my solar system produce more or less energy than expected?

What happens if my solar system stops working?

Do solar panels emit noise?

Will a solar system produce electricity on cloudy days?

Does a solar system work in cold weather?

Will snow affect my solar system?

Will hail, wind, or fire affect my solar system?