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Product Safety Notice

October 23, 2017

Panasonic Hospitality Display Model TH-55LRU50

As a result of Panasonic’s ongoing commitment to improving our products and services, we recently identified an issue involving the TH-55LRU50 Television Displays for the Hospitality Industry. For units that are pedestal mounted, repeated swiveling of the pedestal base may lead to a potential tipping hazard. Please download the recall notice here:

TH-55LRU50 Product Safety Notice


TB_CF-C2_Hero Product
Hospitality Display Model Distribution
TH-55LRU50 754


Root Cause Analysis:

A potential television tipping hazard has been identified. The weight of the television display may cause a deformation of the resin in which the pedestal mounting screws are inserted. Repeated swiveling of the pedestal may result in unsteadiness of the television due to loosened screws.


If you have a TH-55LRU50 please contact Panasonic North of America to arrange for a service technician (if necessary) to install a reinforcement kit (if pedestal mounted).

Kit includes:

  1. A metal plate to distribute the load evenly and prevent deformation of the pedestal mounting area.
  2. Replacement screws of increased length and locking shape to increase the frictional force of the thread.

Contact information Email: [email protected]

Phone (Toll free): 1-855-772-8324, Option 4