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FZ-G1 Battery Recall Hero



Panasonic FZ-G1 (FZ-VZSU84U) Stop Charging Notice!

Panasonic has been conducting this Battery Recall since May 2017. To ensure our customers' safety and prevent fire hazards, beginning April 13th, 2021, your Panasonic FZ-G1 using an FZ-VZSU84U battery will no longer charge. We highly recommend contacting Panasonic to exchange the battery before you are no longer able to charge the battery.

Battery Recall Notice 



FZ-G1 Battery Recall Exchange Details

1: Find out if your device is affected

Locate the FZ-G1 tablet and battery pack model numbers on the back of the device. See if your device and battery pack model numbers are on the list of affected models below. 

FZ-G1 Tablet Model #s Starting With:


With Battery Model #:

FZ-VZSU84U (US model)


2: If your device is affected, download and run the BIOS software on your device immediately

The BIOS software utility applies safety controls to minimize risk of overheating and ignition. Download and run this on your device immediately until a replacement battery is received and installed.

BIOS Utility Download


3: Get a replacement and return the affected battery pack

Contact us immediately to obtain a replacement battery pack through our FZ-G1 Battery Recall Exchange Program using the contact info below. Follow the instructions provided in the recall notice.

Once you've received your battery replacement, download the mandatory firmware update below, which employs additional battery safety measures.

Firmware Download


Remember to return the affected battery pack to Panasonic in the carton provided for proper and safe disposal.


FZ-G1 Battery Exchange Program

Email: [email protected]

Phone: Toll Free 844.633.1030

Questions? Contact us for more information.