Choose one of the options below to access Toughbook(R) and Toughpad(TM) drivers.

To validate your corporate images against our factory images, please download and run the Image Validation Tool.


Individual Drivers                               

Click here to search for individual drivers by product model or version.

Download Manager

The Download Manager lets you preselect multiple Toughbook drivers for one or more products and download them with one click. In addition, the pause and resume feature gives you finer control over the download process.

To get started, simply download the install package (500k) and run the software.

Note: This software requires Windows .Net Framework 4, which you can find on the Microsoft website.


Enterprise CAB Files

Select your model and operating system below to receive the appropriate file. When you complete the form, you will receive instructions for how to install the package.

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Please select the appropriate CAB file from the dropdowns above, and then click on the button to download. For further support, please contact technical support

To open the downloaded file, please launch MS Command Prompt. Navigate to the location of the file and use the "expand" command to activate the file. Please see below for an example: 

You can paste this line into your command prompt:

expand . -f:*


One-Click Bundles

Bundles include all drivers necessary for your specific device in one download. Select your model below to retrieve the bundle.

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Wireless WAN Drivers

Get software for your Panasonic Mobile Computer from AT&T, Sprint or Verizon Wireless using the Panasonic Carrier Selection Application (CSA). Click here.