Computer, Tablets & Handhelds Security Update

The following downloads are critical security update for Panasonic Toughbook and Toughpad products.

"Intel Security information of vulnerability by Speculative Execution and Indirect Branch Prediction Side Channel Analysis Method" was published.

"Synaptics TouchPad software driver security vulnerabilities concern on Panasonic PC" was published.

"Intel® Video Driver Security Vulnerabilities" was published.

Sierra Wireless Vulnerability: CVE-2017-9247: Unquoted Service Path Vulnerabilities

"About countermeasure to Wi-Fi WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access II) vulnerability problem" was updated. (Updated)

About security vulnerability of Infineon's TPM (Updated)
"TPM 2.0 and TPM 1.2 Firmware Update Tool" has been released.

Security information about Intel® Management Engine (ME) firmware
Nov 21, 2017 INTEL-SA-00086, Intel Security Advisory 
Jul 04, 2017 INTEL-SA-00075, Security Patches for Toughbook models