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Cancellation Notice of PT-RDQ10 Series and its Optional Lenses

(November 19, 2021)

We appreciate your continued partnership and support for Panasonic Visual Systems products.

We regret to inform you the PT-RDQ10/RDQ90/RDQ80 (RDQ10 Series) has been cancelled. The product release of RDQ10 Series was originally scheduled for October 2021. One of the important markets for this product line requires non-stop operation at high brightness. Reliability testing prior to release revealed the selected imaging device is not suitable for this use case.

Life test results do not support operating the imaging device non-stop at high lumens over the multi-year required lifespan needed for high-utilization markets. Panasonic worked closely with the imaging device supplier in an attempt to meet market requirements but was unsuccessful. For this use case, Panasonic quality standards cannot be guaranteed with the current image device.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Cancelled Models:


Cancelled Optional Lens:

ET-DLE088 / DLE158 / DLE178 / DLE258