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SoundSlayer SQUARE ENIX(R) Sound Engineer Interview




The GN01 is equipped with three sound modes expertly created through joint development with the FINAL FANTASY® XIV Online Sound team, allowing users to fully enjoy immersive gameplay.


“Even when talking about game sounds collectively, the sound design varies greatly depending on the game content. Sounds to immerse yourself in the game world. Sounds to aggressively grab a victory. Sounds to feel the charm of your favorite characters. To maximize various elements of these game sounds, we went to Panasonic to vent our particular ideas as ‘gamers’. And this is a product that Panasonic has developed to their utmost best to meet our expectations. (With considerations beyond just sound design, Panasonic has demonstrated their attention to detail and focus on gamers with decisions such as adjusting the USB cable for an overall improved experience...) I would like all gamers to experience this sound.”

Masayoshi Soken 

– Sound Director and Composer at SQUARE ENIX® 


“We equipped sound modes with many adjustments from the player's perspective, assuming various game genres and play styles. In the RPG mode, we incorporated various adjustments to convey the immersive feeling of 3D spaces and powerful productions more dynamically, and in the FPS mode, we applied tuning to solidly capture 360° sounds without any unnecessary exaggeration. We expect that everyone’s surround sound and gaming experience will become even more special with modes that are optimal for each game.”

Go Kinuya 

– Audio Editor at SQUARE ENIX®  

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