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AllGuard Warranty

A 25-year complete system warranty as strong as the company behind it

A solar energy system may be one of your biggest home improvement purchases. You should only have to pay for it once. Panasonic AllGuard warranty protects your solar investment for 25 years, top to bottom. AllGuard covers labor for your entire system, including solar panels, inverters, racking and monitoring hardware.

Highest quality components. Built to last.

Your solar system requires many different components to produce clean renewable energy year after year. Panasonic solar panels are manufactured to the highest levels of quality standards and all-weather performance. Our panels are then complemented with the industry’s leading accessories so you never have to worry about premature decline of your equipment. In the rare event something goes wrong, you’re covered.

A comprehensive warranty that’s easy to trust

A long-term warranty is only as reliable as the company behind it. Backed by one of America’s most trusted brands and over a century of financial stability, AllGuard provides complete system coverage and total peace of mind. This coverage includes power performance, workmanship, components, and labor on solar panels, integrated microinverters, racking and monitoring hardware.

Zero hassles. Zero worries.

Panasonic has been designing and manufacturing dependable and durable products for over a century. Our technologies are backed by innovation, experience and rigorous testing. Should any component of your solar system malfunction – from the racking to the panel and everywhere in between - we’ll promptly fix it no questions asked.

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Trust. Built in.

  • 102 years in business
  • 45 years of solar energy research & development
  • 23 years producing high efficiency solar modules
  • More than 200 registered solar technology patents