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Leveraging the data and capabilities of the Cirrus platform enables transportation and fleet operators to deploy unique new business models. For example, freight signal priority is functionally similar to long-standing services like Emergency Vehicle Preemption and easily enabled on shared V2X hardware installed at traffic signals. Leveraging the multi-purpose capability of V2X data and hardware systems, it is possible to build shared deployments that leverage freight prioritization-as-a-service to support funding for deployments that simultaneously improve emergency services or transit operations. These commercial models also support economic growth and development for regions with heavy freight considerations. The reduction in emissions, lowered road impacts, and improved safety made possible by these service-oriented deployments provide a clear public benefit while increasing next-generation technical capabilities for the deploying agency.

Cirrus provides the data processing environment to convert bare-metal V2X hardware into a useful system by aggregating data across a deployments, enabling shared analytics like freight priority efficacy logging, and equipping transportation agencies with advanced business logic to carefully tailor applications and services to local policies.

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