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Smart Manufacturing Software

Panasonic solutions includes a suite of tools that provide monitoring, management and control of workflows, assets, materials and product quality, as well as business intelligence for smart decision making. 

Using a product digital twin and configurable process plans, enforce your manufacturing processes and route in real-time based on individual product data from receiving to shipping.

Integrate and monitor equipment and automation in real-time to a station digital twin, allowing engineers to add intelligent process controls to the factory floor.

Detailed end-to-end traceability of every product built through your factory: Material, operator, cycle times, quality, repair, and every action taken on a product.

Complete tracking solution for assets, maintenance work and spare parts. Gives customer TCO transparency of the factory floor.

Digital twins technology replicates equipment virtually, aggregating and analyzing data to predict maintenance proactively and avoid unplanned downtime.

Defect and ticket management system that tracks product defects from creation to repair. Supports custom workflows and individual defect history views.

End-to-end tracking system for all factory floor materials. Create custom material workflows, allocate materials to work orders and seamlessly integrates with your ERP systems.

Analytics platform that produces actionable data and drives smart manufacturing decisions. Accessible to all stakeholders including continuous improvement, production, maintenance and operations management teams.