Public Safety: Police

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Empowering the digital officer

Now more than ever, officers increasingly rely on technology to serve them when and where it matters most. Toughbook has been riding along with law enforcement for more than twenty years and our platform that transformed the patrol car, now walks the beat in every form factor from handhelds to 2-in-1 tablets that double as rugged laptops. Working in tandem with our evidence capture solutions, Toughbook mobile devices are arming LEO's with go anywhere data that keeps them safer and more informed than ever before.

By deploying rugged mobile devices to law enforcement personnel, agencies can increase efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

Always ready and on patrol

The Toughbook lineup provides law enforcement with powerful solutions that keep officers in the field serving the public. Designed with superior communication capabilities and embedded security, Toughbook laptops, tablets and handhelds give LEO's maximum flexibility in all types o environments. Officers can run plates, scan fingerprints and check records car-side, so they never leave the subject unattended. During traffic stops, officers don't need to spend time heads-down in the vehicle to look up plates and review records.

First responders across the globe rely on rugged Toughbook and Toughpad devices to stay connected and informed in life or death situations. Our computers are purpose built to handle the drops, spills, dust and extreme temperatures that occur when officers are out pounding the beat—with daylight readable, responsive touchscreens and extended battery life that last an officer’s full shift. Unlike consumer-grade computers, Toughbook devices have a near zero failure rate, so you can be confident your technology will work as expected when you encounter the unexpected.