Toughbook EMS Solutions

Rugged performance EMS teams rely on

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Emergency medical systems around the globe rely on Toughbook rugged laptops and tablets to stay connected and informed during critical situations. Purpose-built to handle the unexpected, our mobile computing solutions equip first responders with the digital tools they need to deliver critical care anywhere without fail, and without sacrificing security. The tried-and-tested, rugged design of Toughbook means you can drop it in your jump kit, put it on the ground or slip it in the gurney without worry—so you can focus on your patient instead. Because when lives depend on a constant flow of data, failure isn't an option.

Keeping you up and running

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Modern medicine runs on live data. That means laptops that run out of power and tablets that drop signal simply aren't acceptable. Toughbook devices are durable, reliable and secure, setting your EMS team up for mission critical success. Toughbook laptops and tablets are tested to withstand the near-constant wipe downs required in healthcare, as well as drops, spills, hot and freezing temperatures responders endure from ambulance to hospital. Extended battery life, maximum communication capabilities and hardware encryption keep you up and running while keeping sensitive patient care data protected. Consumer-grade tablets may not be secure enough for sensitive Electronic Patient Care Reporting (EPCR) Data. Toughbook devices feature hardware-level encryption and run Windows, so they fit seamlessly into your department's security regiment.