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MZ17KL Special Rebate Promotion


Exclusive Rebate Promo!

As August rings in the ‘Dog Days’ of Summer, September’s Labor Day marks Summer’s ‘unofficial’ end with a return to full work schedules. To prepare getting back into the swing of things, Panasonic Connect is offering a rebate on our award-winning PT-MZ17KL 3LCD Laser Projector.

Designed for large-scale education, corporate and House of Worship venues, the compact and lightweight PT-MZ17KL 3LCD SOLID SHINE laser projector harnesses innovation, design, and engineering to deliver whisper quiet operation, yet powerful vivid large-screen projection.

  • Delivers full brightness (16,500lm) on AC 100–240 V power, eliminating the need for high-voltage power supply installation.
  • Supports the Near Field Communications (NFC) function, allowing quick projector set-up without even powering it up.
  • Full suite of optional lenses, for large-screen projection in tight spaces.
  • Pre-activated Geometry Pro upgrade kits, expanding the projectors’ built-in functions and enabling adjustments from a PC for flexible installation.
  • Equipped with a Black Level Correction function, allowing the shape of black borders to be adjusted to match the screen shape, simplifying edge-blending on curved screens.
  • With Remote Preview LITE, images can be checked even when it’s not possible to project content, such as outdoors during the daytime or during performance rehearsals

*Terms & Conditions apply:

1. Cannot be combined with other promotions.
2. Panasonic Connect has the sole right to interpret the Terms & Conditions of this program and reserves the right to modify or cancel this program at any time.
3.Other Terms & Conditions Apply: Contact your Authorized Reseller/Dealer.