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Projector Cleaning & Inspection Promotion


Projector Cleaning & Inspection Promotion

Winter Break Promo for all Panasonic education customers and resellers.

Panasonic is offering a cleaning and inspection promotion to ensure your projectors are ready to provide an exceptional learning experience for the upcoming semester. Panasonic's factory-trained engineers and service technicians will provide a basic on-site evaluation, light cleaning and adjustments to promote optimal performance.

Starting at $220 per Projector!

Take advantage of this promotion from November 20, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Available to resellers and education customers with a minimum of 10 projectors per building.


Contact you Panasonic Representative today and mention "Top of the Class Promotion" for more information.


April Fellows

201-306-5057 [email protected]

Steve Manolatos

586-764-6790 [email protected]

David Neu

862-229-4984 [email protected]

Optimize Projector Performance with cleaning, inspection and full evaluation, including:

Air Intake Cleaning

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Lens Cleaning

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Firmware Evaluation

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Setting Verification

(keystone, corner correction, etc.)

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Gather Data:

Service logs, firmware version, run hours, light/bulb hours, serial numbers and room location.

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Full written report of findings within 7 days of visit

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Be at the 'Top of the Class' with affordable top-of-the-Line Technology!

Panasonic's 'Top of the Class' program offers competitive pricing, special promotions, warranties and exceptional service and support to the education community,

Terms & Conditions


  1. Only Top of Class models eligible for this promotion
  2. Customer to provide unrestricted access for engineers/technicians, all work to be done on projectors that are 14ft. or lower, where a ladder can be securely placed, and customer to provide ladders for personnel.
  3. Pricing for specific number of projectors in a single building (minimum of 10 projectors per building).
  4. Additional travel charges may apply (site-specific).
  5. No disassembly of projectors provided in this promotion.