Projector Cleaning & Inspection Promotion


Projector Cleaning & Inspection Promotion

Winter Break Promo for all Panasonic education customers and resellers.

Panasonic is offering a cleaning and inspection promotion to ensure your projectors are ready to provide an exceptional learning experience for the upcoming semester. Panasonic's factory-trained engineers and service technicians will provide a basic on-site evaluation, light cleaning and adjustments to promote optimal performance.

Starting at $220 per Projector!

Take advantage of this promotion from November 20, 2020 to March 31, 2021. Available to resellers and education customers with a minimum of 10 projectors per building.




Contact you Panasonic Representative today and mention "Top of the Class Promotion" for more information.


April Fellows



Steve Manolatos



David Neu


Optimize Projector Performance with cleaning, inspection and full evaluation, including:

Air Intake Cleaning

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Lens Cleaning

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Firmware Evaluation

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Setting Verification

(keystone, corner correction, etc.)

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Gather Data:

Service logs, firmware version, run hours, light/bulb hours, serial numbers and room location.

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Full written report of findings within 7 days of visit

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Be at the 'Top of the Class' with affordable top-of-the-Line Technology!

Panasonic's 'Top of the Class' program offers competitive pricing, special promotions, warranties and exceptional service and support to the education community,

Terms & Conditions


  1. Only Top of Class models eligible for this promotion
  2. Customer to provide unrestricted access for engineers/technicians, all work to be done on projectors that are 14ft. or lower, where a ladder can be securely placed, and customer to provide ladders for personnel.
  3. Pricing for specific number of projectors in a single building (minimum of 10 projectors per building).
  4. Additional travel charges may apply (site-specific).
  5. No disassembly of projectors provided in this promotion.