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The fastest, easiest ENERGY STAR® retrofit fan available


As energy codes call for tighter houses, ventilation becomes very important for indoor air quality and general durability. Ventilation codes and green building programs now require tests of fan flow rates, so the ductwork connecting to the fan is almost as important as the fan itself.

Panasonic offers an exclusive Performance Package with WhisperGreen Select™ and EcoVent™. These fans are designed as a high performance system to provide Home Builders assurance that they will not have to worry about passing ASHRAE 62.2 ventilation verification and measured performance requirements. Panasonic fans that feature ‘Panasonic Performance Package’ logo have either self-adjusting or field adjustable air flow capabilities.

WhisperGreen Select™ is a customizable solution for indoor air quality, code compliance, green certification, and healthy indoor environments.
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EcoVent™ with its unique Veri-Boost™ integral switch ensures the fan meets designed airflow requirements and provides Ventilation Verification Assurance. Learn More