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Preparing for a Post-Pandemic World: Why Sound Technology Matters

How do we ensure that every classroom, every boardroom and every training room is equipped for the hybrid/virtual future? Panasonic is here to help you prepare for a post-pandemic world by introducing Pandemic Recovery Pricing on select Professional Audio products.

Take advantage of special Pandemic Recovery Pricing on select Panasonic Professional Audio products purchased between February 1, 2021 and August 31, 2021.

Contact your Panasonic Representative or Panasonic Authorized Reseller for more information.


Hybrid/Virtual Education, Presentation & Meetings are here to stay.

Now more than ever EVERY CLASSROOM, EVERY PRESENTER needs a way to be heard.


What are the Effects Face Masks have on Audibility?

Masks are found to have an adverse effect on output level and intelligibility.


Amplify Audio for the COVID-19 Classroom & Workplace so Every Presenter can be Heard.

The WX Series Digital Microphone System promotes crystal clear sound in auditoriums, lecture halls and corporate settings.

Learn more about the Panasonic Digital Wireless Microphone System

Learn how the Digital Wireless Microphone System leverages Panasonic's 20-year experience in DECT wireless audio communication to create a best-in-class solution for classroom or corporate presentations providing low latency for hybrid in-room/virtual presentations.

Learn more about to going back-to-school with microphones & masks

Why Sound Technology Matters Infographic
See how the ability to effectively communicate will remain crucial to creating enhanced educational experiences.