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Men's Shaver

Man holding Panasonic shaver while shaving the right side of his face
mosaic tile of several smiling men and women using various Panasonic personal grooming and trimming products.

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Men's Shaver

Depiction of the ES-LV97-K Shaver with Esquire Magazine logo overlaid
The Elite ES-LV97-K makes shaving quicker, smoother and more efficient than ever. A high-powered linear motor delivers up to 70,000 crosscuts per minute, and pivoting head moves in 16 directions independently to ensure the cleanest and fastest shave.
Image of the ES-LV65-S Shaver with Men's Health logo overlaid
The Premier ES-LV65-S provides five precision ultra-sharp blades, a powerful linear motor, multi-flex pivoting razor head and shave sensor to automatically adjust for varying beard densities for the perfect shaving experience.
depiction of the ES-LL41-K shaver
The Hybrid ES-LL41-K is a dual trimmer and shaver that allows styling, trimming and detailing all-in-one. A 3-blade cutting system comfortably ensures smooth shaving, while pop-up trimmer and attachments trim beard & mustache for the perfect finish.

Elite Arc5 ES-LV97-K Feature Highlights

Graphic depiction of the shaver's pivoting head design with green arrows demonstrating movement.
16 D flexible shaving head pivots effortlessly in 16 directions to follow the skin's natural contours; Intelligent shaving sensor senses beard densities 220 times/sec; And adjusts power 14 times/sec.
The ES-LV97-K shaver lying on the table near a set of reading glasses.
Sleek, matte black shaver includes ergonomic handle fits naturally in the hand for total grooming control.
depiction of the shaver's battery panel, showing charge status in increments of 20, from 20 to 100.
A bright LED to show battery power and charging status; 3 mins quick charge for 1 use, 1 hr charge for up to 45 min use.

Premier Arc5 ES-LV65-S Feature Highlights

stylized image of the ES-LV65-S shaver head depicting close-up blade design.
Fast, powerful shaving an ultra-fast motor and independent five blade shaving system deliver up to 70, 000 cross cuts per minute to make every day shaving quicker, smoother and more efficient
very close-up depiction of the shaver's internal blade mechanism with a 30 degree angle overlaid.
Nano polished inner blades durable multi fit arc inner blades are precision honed to an acute 30 to cleanly lift and cut through even thick, dense beards with ease for an incredibly close shave
User's hand holding the ES-LV65-S shaver under running water.
Waterproof/wet dry shaver trimmer wet/dry shaver conveniently lets you shave and trim in or out of the shower; Built in, ultra-sharp pop up trimmer details mustaches, beards and sideburns

Hybrid ES-LL41-K Feature Highlights

an angle-sliced image of a man using the ES-LL41-K shaver, one with shaving cream and one without
Hybrid wet / dry beard trimmer and shaver shave, trim and detail hair, mustaches and beards all with one versatile, high performance men's grooming tool
up-close imagery of the various attachments and combs for the ES-LL41-K shaver.
Comb attachments for beards and mustaches, 2 clip on comb attachments provide 7 trim length settings for touchups and styling; An integrated slide up
Stylized x-ray view of the ES-LL41-K shaver, depicting the unit's internal mechanisms at work.
Cordless razor quiet, high speed 13, 000 cpm linear motor maintains peak performance throughout battery life to optimize cordless shaving, detailing and trimming results