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Men's Grooming

panasonic mens grooming
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Men’s Grooming

image of the ER-SB40-K personal groomer with GQ logo overlaid

The ER-SB40-K precision beard trimmer details and maintains your personal style with a high-speed linear motor, ultra-sharp blade and 19 individual settings for detailed hair lengths.

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Depiction of the ER-GK60-S Personal Groomer with GQ logo overlaid

The ER-GK60-S body groomer makes personal grooming gentle and effortless. Its V-shaped trimmer head maneuvers smoothly, while ultra-sharp blade system comfortably trims every area of the body with ease.

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up close image of the ER-GN70-K personal groomer, angled from left to right.

Sleek, slim and the highest performing nose hair trimmer in the Panasonic lineup to date, the ER-GN70-K easily trims nose, ear, eyebrow and facial hair with an improved high-speed motor and dual-edge blade. A built in vacuum cleaning system sucks in hair trimmings for easy to clean up.

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FACE: ER-SB40-K Feature Highlights

Stylized image of the internal mechanisms of the ER-SB40-K

This beard trimmer is equipped with a linear motor which delivers 9,800 cuts per minute and maintains peak power up to the end of every battery charge

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zoomed-in view of the ER-SB40-K
 blade design.

This beard trimmer for men uses durable, ultra-sharp stainless-steel, hypoallergenic wide tip blades to capture and cut neatly through the unruliest hair, including whiskers that lie flat on the skin

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Zoomed in view of the ER-SB40-K
 groomer's length control settings.

The quick-adjust trimmer dial and comb attachment provides 19 precision settings for personalized sculpting, trimming, cutting and detailing

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BODY: ER-GK60-S Feature Highlights

Up-close view of the ER-GK60-S groomer's cutting head.

Contoured V shape body groomer head cleanly grooms hard to trim areas like the groin and glutes; Slim, sure grip handle ensures easy trimming control

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Close up of the ER-GK60-S groomer's jigsaw teeth design.

This body hair trimmer for men uses wide edge, hypoallergenic trimmer blades specially designed with rounded edges for comfort and minimal irritation while grooming underarms, chest, back, legs, groin and more

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Hand holding the ER-GK60-S personal groomer under a faucet, rinsing in running water.

Fully waterproof men’s personal groomer is made for body hair trimming convenience, safely use dry anytime or in the shower; 100 percentage washable for easy cleaning in seconds

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NOSE: ER-GN70K Feature Highlights

Internal design of the ER-GN70-K groomer, with light blew arrows depicting the circular motion of the trimmer.

Vacuum Cleaning System collects nose hair while trimming for easy clean-up

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image of the ER-GN70-K sitting upright on a counter with various hair and skin care products in the background.

Sleek, slim and more powerful than any Panasonic nose hair trimmer before it, the ER GN70K easily trims nose, ear, eyebrow and facial hair with a high-speed motor and dual edge blade

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internal view of the ER-GN70-K trimmer's motor and battery design, highlighted with a light blue glow.

A quiet, high velocity 9400 CPM (cuts per minute) motor drive powers blades to effortlessly cut and trim even the thickest, coarsest, most unruly hair

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