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The World Through Their Eyes

Kid Witness News

Kid Witness News (KWN) is a global, hands-on, team-centered video education program that focuses on inspiring the next generation of storytellers. Since its inception in 1989, KWN has encouraged students to seek new experiences and find their voice.

We see The World Through Their Eyes

By enabling students to tell stories as they see them, Kid Witness News stimulates creativity, builds communication skills, and encourages teamwork and mutual understanding. Since 1989, this hands-on video education program has been inspiring new possibilities for students, giving them new insights into filmmaking and launching a new generation of storytellers.


Using technology to create better communicators

Through the Kid Witness News program, Panasonic provides state-of-the-art, high-definition digital video technology to participating public school students in grades 4-12. With these tools, students are equipped to bring their stories to life, expand their understanding of the world, and make an impact on others.

Although KWN includes students from schools across the country, the messages in their videos have common themes that cannot be ignored. The topics reflect the world they live in and what affects their everyday lives. That includes such issues as the environment, peer pressure and drug prevention, just to name a few. More recently, projects have covered human interest stories. Through these videos, we can see “The World Through Their Eyes” – stories from their point of view.

Videos Producted


An annual contest and a global gathering of ideas

Each year, national and regional judges recognize the best videos submitted by students. Top entries are entered into our global awards contest, and winners will be invited to our Global Awards Summit.

At the Summit, students will meet other students from around the world and see their work. As representatives of their countries, they’ll also get to contemplate social issues with their peers from a global perspective and work together to create a proposal for the future.



Important deadline information

For enrolled schools, the deadline for submitting videos (and consent forms) for this year’s contest is February 2, 2018. Currently, 553 schools in 19 countries participate worldwide, with 75 of those schools in the U.S.