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Panasonic Connect Professional Services

As technology evolves at a resounding pace, so too, do the needs of our customers and the communities they serve. Support in today’s market has transitioned from simple warranty support to complex end-to-end solutions. With comprehensive service and support offerings, our job is to keep your team well-equipped, productive, and connected.

Our US-based, highly trained staff of technicians provide expertise ranging from hardware integration and warranty support to product customization and field-ready kitting. Our multilingual customer engagement specialists are on standby, ready to assist your team with advanced troubleshooting and diagnostics 24/7/365.

Panasonic Connect is committed to providing best-in-class service and solutions, ensuring successful outcomes and enhancing the customer’s experience.

How we support you

Panasonic Connect Professional Services Customer Engagement Center

Customer Engagement Center

Our 24/7/365 Customer Engagement Center is able to support your products in a variety of ways, spanning from simple call routing to expert-level technical support, as well as remote monitoring, device management, on-site installation support and analytics.
Panasonic Connect Professional Services Warranty Services

Warranty Support

We have over 30 years of experience in repairing electronics devices. From whole unit assembly and repair to component-level PCB diagnostics and repair, we are equipped to provide top-notch service and support. Centrally located in the US, our campus is geographically positioned for optimal logistics.
Panasonic Connect Professional Services Deployment

Tailored Professional Services

We create custom solutions tailored to our customers’ specifications. From image creation to customized logistical solutions, our team serves as your singular source for all deployment and roll-out activities. Further, CORE Asset Management, our proprietary asset management system, will allow your team to efficiently manage all of the assets in your fleet – on the go.
Panasonic Connect Professional Services Application Development

Application Development

Coupling industry expertise and the latest IT advancements, we provide custom solutions and products tailored to the needs and behavior of our customers. Our goal is to provide our customers with efficient and reliable software solutions to improve their IT experience and business profitability.

Services Across Panasonic Connect

We provide critical services across the Panasonic Connect ecosystem including Computers, Tablets & Handhelds - TOUGHBOOK®, Audio Video Solutions, and Food Tech Solutions to keep your team up-and-running.
TOUGHBOOK Product Category Thumbnail
Professional Services provides: Deployment Services, Configuration Services, Technical Support, Whole Unit Repair, PCB Repair, Advanced Exchange, Out-of-Warranty Quotes and Part Sales for the TOUGHBOOK group. Included products are: TOUGHBOOK Computers, Tablets, Handhelds, Keyboards, Docks, and a variety of Accessories (some Panasonic, some brand agnostic).
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Professional Services provides: Technical Support, Whole Unit Repair, PCB Repair, Advanced Exchange, Out-of-Warranty Quotes and Part Sales for the Audio Video groups. Included products are Projectors: Home-Theatre, Style-Small Projectors, XXL projectors used by rental companies for concerts, as well as Pro Video and Audio: Electronic News Gathering Cameras, Shoulder-Mounted Camcorders, Handheld Camcorders, Studio Cameras and Controllers, Cinema Cameras, Professional Monitors, Audio/Video Switchers and Mixers, PTZ cameras, Professional Recorders, and Video Players.
Professional Services provides: Technical Support, Installation Support, Whole Unit Repair, PCB Repair, Advanced Exchange, and Configuration and Imaging, Out-of-Warranty Quotes and Part Sales for products within the Food Tech group. Included products are: Point-of-Sale (POS) Terminals, Servers, Wireless Headsets, Digital Displays and a variety of supported Hardware and Accessories (some Panasonic, some brand agnostic).

CORE Asset Management

CORE Asset Management teaser

CORE Asset Management from Panasonic Connect is a complete web solution that allows real time management of all the assets in your fleet, whether Panasonic-branded or otherwise. You will now have access to all your assets and data in one place, with highly customizable features that enable you to manage your way.

From computers, copy machines, and smart phones, to software licenses and consumables, we provide a single pane of glass to view and manage all of your assets.

Our goal is to position our team to become your sole source provider for parts, services, and support. We continue to expand our service offerings by working with our clients and listening to their concerns and requirements. Often you will find that there is never a need to call anyone else or send your hardware anywhere else. To us, it is always more than just "fixing it".

Panasonic Connect Professional Services Leawood
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