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Data Generation System (DGS) v10.19.10

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the DGS 10.19.10 release.

Add nozzle changer changeover function that changes nozzle allocation on nozzle changer per feeder changeover group. New setting "Optimization time of exhaustive mode" added. Error message is displayed when user sets "Optimization time of exhaustive mode" as "0". "Optimization time of exhaustive mode (min.) is added on "Options" tab of "Optimizer Options" screen. These nozzle options are available: Normal, Same Cart, Changeover. Nozzle Icon is displayed on nozzle stocker.

  • Customer Value: For customers with a Changeover License, this allows you to have optimal nozzles for different product groups.

When browse button is selected, the project selection window is displayed, and the user can select a project from the list.

  • Customer Value: This simplifies changeover tasks for the operator.

This is for PCBs containing undefined parts displayed in the Product Manager. If the product contains undefined parts, we will show the PCB name in red font.

  • Customer Value: This notifies the customer that they need to make changes to the program.

The Substitute Parts List function will be available as a standard feature. There are changes to operability to improve the function, making it easier for users to use. It is possible to set the substitute parts for each PCB so that resetting is not necessary.

  • Customer Value: Customers can now have a substitute part for the product.

Provides edited history and view of the difference between edits in part data, PCB data, and PPD data by utilizing previous data from the DGS Operation log and CrbDiff.exe provided by PIC.

  • Customer Value: This allows customer to view differences and undo changes.

In PPD mode, after replacing parts by BOM, if any part created in LineDB then after execution of this function, product editor will show list of newly created parts in LineDB during this function execution so that user can see and edit these parts from the list.  

  • Customer Value: This graphically highlights parts that have been changed during BOM import.

If more than one pattern group defined in a product and the same mark template is set for different pattern groups, you can edit the mark template and select the Apply button to change the current pattern group (existing functionality) or all pattern groups.

  • Customer Value: This reduces program editing time.

Pre-Mount wait time(ms) for narrowly adjacent mounting is added for NPM-D3A Machine.

  • Customer Value: This applies to high-density microchip placement for the NPM-D3A machine, and it enables us to place parts closer together.

Remove the above restrictions and check the maximum offset position of "Top Side Recognition" based on the part size.

  • Customer Value: This expands the range of LED recognition parts that you can program.

New pre-defined macro IPC-2581 is available in Product Manager -> CAD Macro Support similar to ODB++

  • Customer Value: This new Cad file supports the industry standard.

Data Generation System (DGS) v10.19.05

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the DGS 10.19.05 release.

Add new properties for lead straightening in Machine Specific page for Insertion Machine in Part Editor.

  • Customer Value: This improves the performance of the NPM-VF machines and allows the user to program lead straightening.

New options "Clinch (per placement)" and "Bend only (per placement)" are added in Part Editor in Machine Specific page for Insertion Machine in Part Editor. New "Clinch/Bending" group is added on Insertion tab of Placement Properties dialog.

  • Customer Value: This improves the performance of the NPM-VF machines, allows the user to program lead clinching.

The New setting "Load Control Value" is added in the "Line Options" tab. It is a drop-down box to select 0.5N or 1.0N. When the user selects "1.0N", the "Forced 1.0N constant load control" function is validated.

  • Customer Value: This provides better placement control for micro chips, which allows you to control the amount of placement force to reduce the risk of a fracture.

Adding the option under Project Editor Defaults tab in Factory Manager and Project Editor DGS will keep the setting and pass to inspection editor module.

  • Customer Value: This allows you to control pre-placement inspection through the program versus machine setting.

Validation error message will be displayed if value exceeds 5.5mm for Circle, Semicircle, and Long Hole Shapes.

  • Customer Value: This enables the user to program larger and odd shaped PCB features.

New field has been added to "[HeadCamRecMountCondition]".

  • Customer Value: This is critical for automotive LED lighting production performance.

  • Customer Value:  Adding support for next generation model NPM-GH.

Allows you to adjust lighting to maintain consistency.

  • Customer Value: This standard function for LED Binning in DGS allows customers to control lighting intensity and consistency.

Allows you to program and have better control of the placement process.

  • Customer Value: This allows users to have expanded part range for placement.

A new generation feeder that allows you to load the tape feeder quicker and not have to splice it.

  • Customer Value: This provides programming support for the next generation tape feeder, which can automatically load a tape feeder in one quarter of the time.

PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.16.3.0

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition release.

Bill of Material (BOM) was added for Material registration & LED binning products. With this feature, it is possible to import BOM and use it for material reservation and LED binning jobs.

  • Customer Value: PanaCIM MES has improved our LED binning solution flexibility by making it possible to run LED products with resistor side first. The work orders for LED can be defined and enforced with class combination from the ERP to match specification or available inventory.
  • Use Case: The ERP/MES defines the production run with specifc class combination of the parts and provides this information to PanaCIM. Once the WO is activated, the recipe is updated and enforced in PanaCIM.

This checks materials mounted on the cart and can be used for finding a cart to perform presetup with the smallest number of material exchange, checking which carts should be used to run a specific product, and validating where the cart should be used based on presetup.

  • Customer Value: This functionality reduces time to perform cart presetup and can reduce inventory by reusing available carts instead of using new one.
  • Use Case: After running best cart functionality, a warehouse operator has actionable information on which carts should be used based on existing materials, minimizing material exchange, and cart validation.

E-link functionality has been expanded to use call APIs.

  • Customer Value: PanaCIM continues to optimize 3rd party system integrations by making business critical reporting data via APIs calls.
  • Use Case: Increased flexibiltity when integrating with third party systems such as an ERP or MES.

This NPM data collection point is now available in Trace.

  • Customer Value: PanaCIM has enhanced the trace data collection to include load on the nozzle (vacuum pressure) that can be used for quality control analysis. 
  • Use Case: This functionality allows for the ability to enhance your quality control analysis and minimize business risk.

Low component monitor can be configured for use with Storage areas. For static storage locations, PanaCIM will display the location of the material. For Smart Storage locations, PanaCIM can automatically request material or users can trigger material delivery.

  • Customer Value: LCM reduces material replenishment time by providing visibility to material locations & optimizing the material request in smart storage locations by automatically triggering material delivery.
  • Use Case:  Allows the operator to request the material from the smart storage tower, where it is automatically prepared and ready for pickup for machine mounting.

PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.16.3.0 (Material Control)

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition (Material Control) release.

If the location is configured with supply area for any line, machine and table, then auto pick will be enabled.

  • Customer Value: This increases operator's efficiency and expedites the picking process by reducing the amount of scans with the auto-pick function, which designates specific supply areas.

MC scanner has added an option to tap material from the location search and material information will be displayed on the screen.

  • Customer Value: This capability increases user visibility & efficiency by providing location and quantity information for a specified part number.

When users scan the material ID, all reels in the main splice will be displayed if the splice relationship is already created in MC. Scanned material will be selected by default.

  • Customer Value: This reduces the risk of an operator selecting the incorrect part and allows them to adjust the spliced or main reel.

The user can select multiple lines at the same time and maximum 25 work orders can be selected for bulk reservation.

  • Customer Value: This functionality increases efficiency for the operator by allowing them to reserve more work orders for the lines.

Floor Time Used (Min) field is available when the user receives MSD material with severity other than 6. When the user receives MSD materials with a severity of level 6, Floor Life (Hours) is a mandatory field.

  • Customer Value: This improves msd accuracy and reduces the risk of expired materials by allowing the user to accurately track used floor time at registration.

 "Used floor time" can be set for main MSD material by enabling the check box "Apply Main Material". Used Floor Time applies to both new transferred material and existing main material.

  • Customer Value: Increased MSD functionality allows the user to choose whether to apply used floor time to main material, transferred material, or both.

MA Reports have been optimized to support features like filtering, sorting, columns reordering, export and scheduling options.

  • Customer Value: Increased reporting flexibility allows for better decision making by offering a number of new features.

PanaCIM® Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.16.0.0

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition version release.

Automatically validates the current recipe against Bill Of Material (BOM) with an upper system, such as ERP or PLM (customer using PLM or ERP to manage recipes).

  • Customer Value: Eliminates outdated/wrong recipe automatically and reduces scrap rate. In past, user would have to manually inspect.
  • Use Case: User can recognize when a recipe changes in the upper-level system, automatically triggering a production stop until the recipe is updated in DGS.

Provide additional information not typically required for traceability. This data can be used for machine learning in support of finding patterns that are not obvious.

  • Customer Value: User has more data input with which they can use in support of machine learning.
  • Use Case: Users leveraging machine learning can utilize this data being collected to strengthen their predictive analytics.

Track NPM/LNB software information and allow exporting via E-Link. This feature also outputs software information and detects changes in software.

  • Customer Value: User can monitor all lines to see if they are running same version of software and compare lines performance.
  • Use Case: User can compare before-and-after effect following software change to identify how production performance has changed.

New report was added to put visibility on planned and unplanned downtimes in a single report.

  • Customer Value: Less reports for user to evaluate, saving time and simplifying process.
  • Use Case: Users looking to identify machine downtimes across their line can do so directly, rather than parsing data from multiple reports.

Added configuration for Trace module to allow user to select what production data to collect for report. Added sight-level configuration for Trace module.

  • Customer Value: Unnecessary data no longer needs to be stored, freeing up storage.
  • Use Case: User is able to configure their Trace data in alignment with their priorities.

Added action ID as part of the barcode parsing mechanism.

  • Customer Value: Enables quick UI switching without needing the user to interact directly with the screen.
  • Use Case: Optimizes user's scanning experience by pairing steps to barcodes.

When performing verification of bulk tray, PanaCIM will now fill the remaining quantity into current quantity.

  • Customer Value: User does not have to calculate remaining quantity manually.

During part scan, operator will be able to see data sent to machine before writing to feeder memory.

  • Customer Value: It will be possible to check status of splicing, current quantity, source of data, etc. This feature allows user to identify data discrepancies.

PanaCIM and Data Warehouse will support export of custom charts to PNG and Excel.

  • Customer Value: Allows user to save data in desired format.

“Unguided mode” of multi-splice and “old part-new part verification mode” (part of MV module) now allows user to filter the list and select specific slot.

  • Customer Value: Simplified process for users to conduct parts scan.

Recipes in “Independent Mode” (part of Trace module) now have LED binning verification support previously available only through LNB or changeover.

  • Customer Value: Allows machine to run in independent mode for LED binning, which enables higher performance (higher production output) in certain conditions.

PanaCIM reports and charts will now support user-defined timestamp format masks, making it possible to adjust grouping to display data in increments (e.g. hour, day, week).

  • Customer Value: Makes it easier to read reports.

Custom charts have new capability to define threshold when displaying data.

  • Customer Value: Reading reports made easier by allowing user to withhold unnecessary data. Able to configure on one or multiple lines (e.g. user wants to see what feeders are underperforming. If all feeders are performing higher than expected, none will show up as issue).

Validation added to confirm that number of placements during production matches recipe data (mandatory with trace validation).

  • Customer Value: Simplifies configuration of line by detecting misconfiguration, speeding up initial line setup.

Board ID added to trace lock.

  • Customer Value: Reduce time for taking action on missing trace data.

Added lot name to Trace report and filter.

  • Customer Value: Simplifies viewing reports for Trace module.

Share licenses of federated lines between different versions of PanaCIM (note: borrowing licenses only possible from system with higher version).

  • Customer Value: Reduce time needed for line reconfigurations.

PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.16.0.0 (Material Control)

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition (Material Control) release.

Provides the Integration Framework adaptor to integrate with external MES for Material inquiry/setup request through Gen2/MC MSD socket 510/511 messages.

  • Customer Value: Customers with their own MES system can streamline data management by integrating Gen 2 and the MSD function with their MES through this Integration Framework adaptor.

Supports manual/auto import of work orders by using csv files in Material Allocation (MA). The new "operation" data field is introduced in the csv file to create/update/delete the work orders.

  • Customer Value: Improves operator efficiency by allowing them to add/delete work orders and easily manage changes.

The operator can create/modify multiple profiles depending on user requirements and select/alter the configuration profile at the MA reservation process.

  • Customer Value: Optimizes material utilization by giving the user flexibility to choose which material is allocated to a certain location.
  • Use Case: Users are able to configure various reservation configuration profiles and select the required profile at the time of work order reservation.

Operator can compare the reference barcode and verification barcode. This supports comparing the Part Number or Material ID with help of barcode express configuration.

  • Customer Value: Reduce the risk of placing incorrect parts by allowing the operator to easily compare both barcodes for part accuracy with the handheld scanner.

When auto or manually receiving material through the MC scanner, the scanner will maintain the user's settings even if the user logs off or switches menus.

  • Customer Value: Increase the operator's productivity by saving their profile, which allows them to optimize the material registration process.

MA scheduler zoom setting is automatically saved based on the user's preferences.

  • Customer Value: Optimize production time by saving the profile settings atuomatically.

Material ID field is expanded to support 255 characters in length.

  • Customer Value: Provides maximum flexibility to create an unique inventory management system naming convention by supporting 255 characters.

MC Scanner material lookup now provides additional real time information including available quantity and reservation data. In case of any consumed materials, the scanned material's part lookup shows the material ID with location and quantity information.

  • Customer Value: Provides the operator with real time visibility to material information such as quantity and locations just by scanning the barcode.

Work orders can be sorted/searched from reservation list by using line name and the scanner display features allow the user to pick the material from the equipment view icon.

  • Customer Value: The user is empowered to filter and pick by equipment or warehouse location, thus streamlining the entire work order picking process.

PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.14.0.0

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition release.

PanaCIM will provide feature to control production with LEDs.

  • Customer Value: User can define dependency between placements and expected part number and/or class using DGS as program generation.
  • Use Case: User can control which resistor should be used based on LED that was placed.

PanaCIM will allow user to configure machine events to machine state for NPMs. A new report has been added to track state and duration. Based on configuration, a 540 message will be sent via E-Link to upper systems.

  • Customer Value: User has additional report they can use to monitor production and conduct analysis, allowing them to measure production in such a way as to identify the cause for downtime. Operator no longer needs to manually input downtime events and can get them through automated machine events.
  • Use Case: User may use states in production error exhaust, pre-process wait, post-process wait, process error; user can use their state model and configure within PanaCIM and automatically capture these events from the machine.

PanaCIM will allow user to select which of the data in the E-Link is considered persistent.

  • Customer Value: User can configure which data is persistent and no longer has to build out logic on their system to process outdated or out-of-sequence messages.

PanaCIM will record information about LCR validation from NPM trace data that is performed using built-in LCR or with LCR feeder.

  • Customer Value: LCR Validation can be performed automatically without operator.

PanaCIM will compress and store daily logs.

  • Customer Value: Logs can be retrieved faster and are available to download from Factory Manager.

A button was added to "Select All" rows in multi-level report.

  • Customer Value: Multi-level reports have improved usability.

The report will have option to generate a separate file with breakdown by product.

  • Customer Value: Improved usability allows user to generate a by-product breakdown with "one-click".

PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition v10.14.0.0 (Material Control)

This section describes the new features and enhancements, which are introduced as part
of the PanaCIM Gen 2 Enterprise Edition (Material Control) release.

MC provides various integrations, to include smart towers, smart devices, and APIs for third party customer systems (All integration features are licensed and require license validation). These licenses include: MC Link, Smart Storage, and Smart Device.

  • Customer Value:
    • MC Link: The license is applicable for all exposed MC APIs for external & incoming system communication.
    • Smart Storage: The license is applicable for the integration of Smart storage solutions like Inovaxe, Essemtec, Kardex, Mydata, and JUKI.
    • Smart Device: The license is applicable for the integration of Smart Device Solutions such as X-ray devices like ScienceScope or material registration devices like Modi. 
  • Use Case: This capability allows the customer to continue driving towards IOT 4.0 by connecting disparate vendor solutions to PanaCIM MES, exchanging RealTime information, and optimizing production processes through the integration of Storage, X-ray, Material Registration, MSD/TSM, LCR, and autonomous mobile robots.

MC has added predefined action barcodes. The operator can now switch to another screen directly by scanning the predefined barcodes.

  • Customer Value: This optimizes the user's MC interaction by streamlining the navigation process via the use of barcode scanning actions.

MC Scanner has added an option to key in to search the materials, parts, locations, and carriers.

  • Customer Value: We've added flexible search options for the user to locate  by Materials, Parts, Locations, and Carriers.

Added the barcode expression support for Cart ID.

  • Customer Value: We've optimized Cart Identification to support the use of barcodes which improves Cart ID entry speed and reduces errors.

Added the new report "Alternate Part Number Mapping Report".

  • Customer Value: We've expanded the reporting visibility on our alternate part number mapping capability to more accurately document the relationship and usage.

Provides carrier information via Rest API. Also, we added two new APIs: "carrierdetails" and "carriercontents".

  • Customer Value: Third party applications can access the carrier information at any time from Gen2 MC via these available APIs, which provides more realtime information on the carrier details and the materials contained within.

Added the MSD configurations to manage the Package/Unpackage operations and continuous run floor time for selected MSD level parts.

  • Customer Value: User can configure by MSD level how they monitor floor time (continuous or pause in the drybox). They have similar capabilities as it relates to allowing repackaging.