Panasonic Press Release LOS ANGELES, CA, April 14, 2016

Panasonic subsidiary Aupeo GmbH announced today its collaboration with Triton Digital at the Worldwide Radio Summit in Hollywood, California. Through this collaboration, Panasonic OneConnect is leveraging Triton Digital’s advertising platform, Tap OnDemand, to insert targeted ads into the personalized audio messages delivered within the Personal Radio by AUPEO!® content delivery service. This integration enables car manufacturers and brand partners to provide drivers with personalized audio messages in and out of the vehicle to support an array of driving and mobility use cases, and will be demonstrated on-site at the Worldwide Radio Summit on both April 14th and April 15th. To read more, please go here.

Entertain and inform your drivers

OneConnect is a leading B2B Content Delivery & Brand Marketing Platform providing consumers with the most relevant ad-supported content and information from the brands they trust to simplify and enrich their journey through life.  OneConnect keeps consumers informed and entertained by enabling businesses to deliver brand CRM messages and concierge like information to their customers. OneConnect also includes Personal Radio by AUPEO! ® to provide the latest personalized news, sports, articles & music as well as location based traffic & weather.  Personal Radio by AUPEO! is a consumer's Personal Audio Companion that keeps them informed and entertained on-the-go providing drivers with contextual audio content and timely information that they need to know based on their listening preferences and the OEMs communication needs.

Please visit AUPEO! Automotive for more information.