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Nathan Chen

Team Panasonic: Nathan Chen

A Champion. For Progress.

As an Olympic gold medalist, three-time World Champion and a six-time U.S. National Champion in figure skating, Nathan Chen combines the grace of his ballet training with a comfortability and naturalness on the ice – the result of his lifetime of experience. He first put on a pair of skates at the age of three and moved along in awe at the motion of those around him. This began a lifelong passion with skating that would set Nathan on the path to Olympic greatness.

The youngest of five, he would hone his competitive spirit on the ice playing hockey with his older siblings. During this time in his life, he also studied ballet at the renowned Ballet West Academy. Couple these experiences and raw talent with drive, focus and dedication, and the result is an athlete who has been heralded a "once in a generation" talent on the ice.

Nathan Chen skating
Nathan Chen prepares to enter the rink
Figure skater Nathan Chen glides across the ice

A champion's focus

Nathan’s passions extend beyond the rink, from the NBA to food and wellness. But the common thread is education. He is a rising junior at Yale, and he has found that exploring life outside the rink has given him the space to become a more mature and complete skater. 

Nathan is hopeful to continue his display of excellence in the months and years to come. He understands the challenges of performing at the highest levels of athleticism, and he applies the same lessons he’s learned through his various passions and studies to his performance on the ice.

Nathan Chen speaks with a woman on the ice
Nathan Chen discussing his routine with a coach on the ice
Nathan Chen takes a moment to relax and listen to music on headphones

"Education has been a driving force within my family and something that I take quite seriously; however, it’s not just education that is important to me, but equity in education." – Nathan Chen


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