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Maame Biney

Team Panasonic: Maame Biney

A Champion. For Progress.

For Olympian Maame Biney, the role of a champion extends beyond the track. In the field of competition, champions are always pushing themselves to achieve new levels of excellence and redefining what is possible. For true champions, that passion extends off the track as well: Success in sport provides a platform and a voice in public discourse. Maame's participation in the Olympic Winter Games 2022 – where she competed in the 500m and 1000m individual events and the 3000m relay – is a substantiation of this idea.

It’s important that leaders use this platform to support values and issues that they are passionate about. “You can literally be like the best person in the whole entire world on the ice, but if you don't have that courage to speak out, you’re doing half the job,” Maame says.

A champion's focus

The goal is always Gold but, for Maame, a real champion is someone who takes risks. It’s not about taking impulsive gambles. It’s about putting yourself in the position to succeed by removing yourself from your comfort zone and creating the opportunity to do something unexpected and singular.

To have this ability takes a lifetime of dedication and development. It illustrates a belief in yourself to achieve things you had, at one point, never thought possible. It also requires having the faith in yourself to know you’ll be able to navigate the outcomes, whether or not it results in success. That’s because, with determination and growth, you’ll approach your next opportunities with a new definition of what can be achieved.

Maame Biney listens to music on headphones
Maame Biney propels forward during a speed skating competition
Maame biney smiling at a picnic

“It's very important for kids and athletes – and really anyone – to come into a sport and just know that they can do it just because they believe in themselves. Literally anyone can do anything if you just put your mind to it and you have a good support system behind you.” - Maame Biney


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