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Entry level business DECT menu navigation; includes vibrate mode


Product details

Entry level business DECT phone with 8 CO line status display in Standby Mode and direct access to CO lines from Standby Mode. Includes vibrate mode.

Specification Description
Accessible CO lines 12 (2 COs on the software key) (12 CO line status indication in standby)
Radio Interface US DECT
LCD 1.8 inch monochrome 16 Characters/4 Lines + Pictograph line + Soft Key line with backlight (White)
LCD Contrast 5 levels
LCD Backlight Yes
LED (Handset) Ringer/Charge (Amber)
Battery Life (In standby mode) 168 hours
Battery Life (In talk mode) 8 hours (Voice Clarity: OFF) 7 hours (Voice Clarity: ON)
Battery Type Ni-MH 700 mAh (AAA) 2.4 V
Battery Charge Time 7 hours
Language (On LCD display) English, Spanish, French
PS Phonebook Max 100 items
Ringer Pattern 5
Ringer Melody 3 (MIDI)
Ringer Vibration Pattern Yes
Speakerphone Yes
Headset Jack Yes
Strap Hole Yes
Belt Clip Yes (Swivel type)
Lighting Keypad Yes (Colour: Amber) (Programmable OFF/ON)
Wall Mounting (Charger) Yes
Weight (Handset) 130 g
Dimensions (W x D x H mm) (Handset) 48 x 33 x 160
Included accessories Battery Charger/AC Adaptor/Battery/Belt Clip/Wall Mounting Screws
Post Dial Yes
Predial Yes
Hot Key Dial Yes
Incoming Call Log Yes
Outgoing Call Log Yes
Auto Answer Yes
Quick Answer Yes
Any Key Answer Yes
Silent mode Yes
Vibrate Yes
Ringer Volume Adjustment Yes (OFF/6 levels/Step Down/Step Up)
LED Pattern No
Ringer Bell Off Yes
Private Ringing Yes
Headset Ringer Yes
Receiver/Headset Volume Adjustment 4 levels
Speaker Volume Adjustment 6 levels
Microphone Mute Yes
Voice Clarity Yes
Talk on charger Yes
PBX Programming Yes
PBX Function Key Yes (Pause/Fwd DND/Message/Auto Answer/Conference)
PBX Flexible CO Key 12 Flexible CO Keys
Soft Keys 3
Message Waiting and Indication Yes
Displaying an item (Phonebook) Yes
Storing name and phone numbers Yes (Max. 16 characters/32 digits)
Phonebook Category Yes
Searching an item (Phonebook) Yes (Direct/Category/Quick Search)
Editing an item (Phonebook) Yes
Deleting an item (Phonebook) Yes
Clear Phonebook data Yes
PBX System Phonebook Yes
PBX Extension Phonebook Yes
Assigning phone numbers as a hot key Yes
Deleting a hot key Yes
Deleting all hot keys Yes
Deleting an outgoing log Yes
Storing an outgoing log Yes
Displaying an incoming call log Yes
Deleting one item of incoming call log Yes
Battery Indicator Yes
Low Battery Alarm Yes
Range Alarm Yes
Memo Alarm Yes
Antenna Level display Yes
Key Tone Yes
Key Lock Yes
Display Handset No./Name Yes
Guidance Display No
Editing Category Name Yes
Editing Flexible Key Name Yes
Easy Registration Yes
System Option Menu lock Yes
Reset Handset Yes
Headset Microphone Volume Adjustment Yes
No Service Alarm Yes
DECT CTI Improvement Yes
CO Status Display In Standby Yes
Direct 2 CO key access by soft key Yes
FCO Soft key Name Edit Yes
Handset Data Initialize Yes
Site Survey Yes