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Bringing studio quality sound & “Precision Crafted Audio Performance” to TLX

FARMINGTON HILLS, MICH — With a direct connection to the recording studio, the ELS STUDIO 3D premium audio system found in the all-new 2021 TLX, enhances the sound experience for a new generation of sport sedan buyers. Completely reimagined for 2021, the second-generation TLX is simply the quickest, best handling and most well-appointed Acura sedan ever. On the inside, the new TLX delivers a more personal, more premium and tech-savvy cabin, with a first-class seating experience for the driver and front passenger. Powered by Panasonic and designed to complement the Acura premium interior experience, the ELS STUDIO 3D® premium audio system focused on key areas of sound design and performance enhancements.

Sound Image System Design

  • Twin Telford™ - Panasonic proudly introduces the new Twin TelfordTM subwoofers. Honoring the famous bridge designer, Thomas Telford, these 13cm high-excursion speakers are corner-mounted at opposing 13.5⁰ angles. This unique, innovative design dramatically reduces or eliminates extraneous rattles and vibrations, and ensures mechanical rigidity with accurate playback. The Twin Telford Subwoofers deliver focused, low distortion bass that extends to 20H.
  • Best Seat Is Every Seat – With three-way front cabin sound architecture and user selectable Multi-Zone Audio, the sound image can be personalized to meet the desires of the sedan enthusiast’s individual tastes. Even the rear seat passengers are treated to an expansive soundstage utilizing 9cm rear door speakers, two Highline® overhead speakers, two 9cm rear surrounds and the Twin Telford subwoofers. This level of audio performance is a new benchmark for Acura sedans.

Precision Crafted Audio Performance 3D Sound

  • Highline® Ultra Slim Speakers – ELS STUDIO 3D® delivers an immersive listening experience and pure audio in the vertical dimension with less cabin reflection and effortlessly suspends the sound image mid-air.
  • Acoustic Motion Control™ – Initially designed to match the performance requirements of the Acura NSX, Panasonic’s Acoustic Motion ControlTM technology provides precise control of speaker diaphragm motion allowing for stunning reverb details and outstanding instrumental clarity.
  • More Powerful – The 2021 TLX system boasts 16 channels, 17 speakers and 710 watts, making this the most powerful system ever for the TLX.

Human Sound UX Design

  • ELS Validated by ELS - After all the technical design, integration, measurement and sound dynamic adjustments are completed, ELS STUDIO 3D® is still tested with rigor and with the most discriminating ear, eight-time Grammy® Award winning recording engineer and producer, Elliot Scheiner.

“This is the most powerful Acura TLX and we have completely reimagined the ELS STUDIO 3D® premium audio system to match the expectations of the sedan enthusiast,” said Tom Dunn, director – global audio solutions business unit, Panasonic Automotive. “The sound image has been dramatically improved with the addition of our innovative Twin TelfordTM subwoofer design complementing the highly rigid body structure of the TLX. Our team continues to be inspired by the challenge of bringing studio quality sound to the Acura owner experience, and is driven to deliver a unique level of audio performance based on authenticity, artistry and emotion.”

Proprietary Panasonic Technology

For 17 years, Panasonic has been designing the best in Precision Crafted Audio for Acura vehicle. In that time, we have created and patented several proprietary technologies found on the ELS STUDIO 3D® premium audio systems. The TLX includes TelfordTM subwoofers, Highline® Ultra Slim speakers, Acoustic Motion ControlTM3-Way Front Cabin mid-range architecture, and Super Dynamic Range (SDR) speakers with extended range to eliminate distortion.

ELS premium audio first appeared on the 2004MY TLX. The all-new 2021 Acura TLX is the fourth generation model to integrate this exclusive, high performance system.

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Acura is a leading automotive luxury nameplate that delivers Precision Crafted Performance – a commitment to evocative styling, high performance and innovative engineering, all built on a foundation of quality and reliability. The Acura lineup features six distinctive models – the RLX premium luxury sedan, the TLX performance luxury sedan, the ILX sport sedan, the five-passenger RDX luxury crossover SUV, the seven-passenger Acura MDX, America's all-time best-selling three-row luxury SUV, and the next-generation, electrified NSX supercar. Five of the six Acura models sold in North America are made in central Ohio, using domestic and globally-sourced parts, including the ILX and TLX luxury sports sedans (Marysville Auto Plant), the RDX and MDX luxury SUVs (East Liberty Auto Plant) and the Acura NSX supercar, which is built to order at the Performance Manufacturing Center in Marysville, Ohio. Additional media information including pricing, features & specifications and high-resolution photography is available at

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